restoration and remediation asset tracking
Asset Tracking for Restoration and Remediation Companies


Asset Tracking is crucial for restoration and remedial work. Equipment tracking can help you keep track of fans, ozone machines, hoses, dehumidifiers, PPE Equipment and anything other assets that either need to be tracked or managed.

What kind of restoration or remediation companies can asset tracking assist? Any. It can be flood restoration companies such as Action Dry, fire restoration companies, restoration companies that restore any damages, or any restoration companies that work on bespoke buildings, such as Jack Tighe.


What problems do restoration and remediation companies face?

Assets move around frequently. They can be large assets or small assets, but all will be moved around a lot, often in bulk, and the assets themselves are often very expensive. Without asset tracking there is no accountability or audit trail relating to these assets.

As well as this, without asset tracking, the accountability employees hold is minimal. It may be that historically assets have been left behind, whether this is due to human error or a lack of understanding related to the consequence of an asset becoming unaccounted for.

Without an asset tracking system, money is lost when expensive and sometimes crucial assets go missing, further slowing the effectiveness your company can work at. If a company is working on a project with another, then tools may be swapped or misplaced causing a further lack of clarity surrounding which assets your company owns and which you can use.

Further to this, not knowing where to find assets that need to be retrieved can cause more lost money and time, and the travel has a negative effect on the environment. Without asset tracking, the efficiency a company can run out is minimised and the scalability is capped.


Why is asset tracking such an important solution?

Asset tracking will allow you to know where your equipment is and who had it last, whether it’s at a job site, in the warehouse, or in transit. With an effective asset tracking app, equipment tracking is simple because it only takes a simple scan with a smartphone for your employees to update the audit trail.

With asset tracking, you’ll be able to optimise the efficiency you use your assets. Knowing where your assets are and what they’re doing means that you can use them more effectively and retrieve them sooner. If a dehumidifier needs to be left running for four days, knowing exactly when it’s done means that you can retrieve it faster and use it again sooner.

You’ll also be able to minimise asset loss with the use of asset tracking. Equipment loss may currently be worked into your road maps or financial planning, but it’s still possible to minimise the amount. The ability to run reports on your assets will help you see where everything is and what needs to be retrieved instantly. You’ll be able to save the money that would otherwise be written off.

More time also gives you a greater ability to focus on customer service. Not only can asset tracking generally help with this as jobs will be completed more efficiently, but will also minimise the disruption restoration can cause. The sooner equipment can be collected when it has done its job, the sooner you can minimise the stress a customer may be under.

Not only this, but it’ll also be possible to save over £1,500 a year. Asset tracking means more accountability and transparency, which means less lost assets and less time spent retrieving them.


Other examples of asset tracking in Restoration and Remediation

Asset tracking can help with the general tracking of equipment for the day to day jobs, but can also assist with more specific examples.

For a start, if one person needs flood restoration it’s quite likely multiple other houses need the same service. Knowing where your assets are can increase the efficiency at which you work, meaning you can take on more work.

Bespoke restoration, such as for ships or landmarks, can also benefit from asset tracking. If a restoration company uses asset tracking to maintain their efficiency, the day to day running of these places doesn’t have to change. A great example is that Avengers Endgame was filmed in Durham Cathedral while it was still undergoing restoration work.

Asset tracking can also help with the tracking of PPE equipment to ensure compliance. Tracking your hard hats and safety equipment will keep your workforce safe when they’re running their maintenance jobs. Not only is employee satisfaction therefore higher, a safe workforce is an effective workforce.

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