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If you work in the construction industry, you don’t need us to tell you how critical tools tracking is for your business.

As you know, without a useful tool tracking system, your equipment and tools are at risk of being lost, stolen or damaged. In terms of accountability within your team and across your sites, it can be reasonably limited.

You may already be using some form of tools tracking software to manage your asset register, even if it’s just an Excel spreadsheet. From experience, we know that if you are relying on Excel, you’re likely to be running into some unnecessary pitfalls.

Why do I need tools tracking software?

Accountability in your workforce is vital. If you don’t have accountability over assets and tools and machinery, your business is exposed to higher risks of these assets being misused, misplaced, or stolen. No accountability means that the company does not have transparency as to where assets are and who has them. As a result, it’s impossible to know who had a piece of equipment last before it went missing or got damaged. This limits your asset management capabilities and can have a hugely detrimental effect on the productivity of the organisation.

Why You Should Use itemit As Your Tools Tracking Software

itemit is an easy to use, yet powerful tool tracking app and web portal. The ease of use gives you peace of mind that your team will be able to start using the app with little to no training. Meanwhile, you’ll benefit from generating useful and complete reports on asset whereabouts and who has them, in addition to maintenance schedules and planning.

Using a simple asset tracking system like itemit will result in fewer lost and damaged assets. With your tools tracking under control, your construction projects will run like clockwork.

If you’re looking for a tools tracking solution, here are five reasons why you should switch to using the itemit tool tracker app today.

1. More Features for Easy Tools Tracking

Your construction company needs an asset tracking system that offers all of the functionality you need to manage tools and equipment efficiently. This will include the following, all of which is possible using the itemit tool tracker app:

With the right asset tracking solution, not only will you be able to track your tools from location to location effectively, but you’ll also be able to track any relevant and necessary financial and user information to give you an even greater level of accountability. Essentially, more features means more knowledge regarding your assets.

2. Company-wide accountability for assets

itemit’s asset management software gives you a higher level of accountability over your tools and equipment for these reasons:

  • Assets are identified and tagged – With the itemit asset labels and tags, all your tools and pieces of kit are logged in your asset register and tracked and monitored by the software. The tags themselves act not only as a theft deterrent but are a reminder to your employees that these assets are being monitored and must, therefore, be treated with respect
  • Audit trails and powerful reports – Now, from the comfort of your desk, you can observe in real-time where your assets are and who has them as well as monitoring where they have been recent. This allows you to track down any missing tools without wasting as much time, money, or resources from your workforce

3. Track More Than just Tools

Once your tools and equipment are being tracked daily, you will then find that you think of a long list of other assets that also need tracking. Thanks to itemit’s bespoke QR code asset tags, you’ll be able to track anything using the same system. For example, you can track your IT assets and ensure GDPR compliance and digital effectiveness with our vinyl QR stickers, or track your heavy machinery with our more durable anodised aluminium QR tags. No matter what the asset, all you have to do is scan the QR code with a smartphone, and the last seen location and user will update automatically.

itemit has some great features that allow you to keep your construction equipment separate from your office equipment or IT assets and you can even share your different types of assets with different members of staff.

4. Simple Check In/ Check Out and Booking Feature

Using itemit’s new Bookings feature, you can reserve tools and equipment for jobs in advance. This gives you peace of mind that the equipment you need will be available to you when you are relying on it.

When it’s time to take your assets onsite, simply scan them and check them out.

5. A More Connected Workforce

itemit’s asset management software allows for more effective tools tracking because you can add all your assets and share the system with your whole team – this way, everyone is on the same page, literally!

Share different collections or locations with users or share the entirety of your asset register and set permissions for different users. This means that if you want one worker only to be able to scan QR codes and not change any asset information, you can set this permission very easily.

Now, with our new pricing model, you can add any amount of extra users for free!

itemit: the Future of Tools Tracking

itemit is an excellent tools tracking software because of its integrated social and business capabilities. You’ll get the essential visibility you need and your team get a simple asset tracker app to scan tools and equipment.

You’re so close to knowing where all your critical business assets are.

To find out more, contact the team today and try itemit for yourself, for free!

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