3 Ways GPS Asset Tracking Saves You Money

GPS asset tracking opens up new opportunities for your business. Now, you’ll be able to use GPS trackers to view where assets are at a given moment. This way, you can reduce critical issues, such as asset loss or a lack of accountability.

Overall, GPS asset tracking promises a much clearer view of where your assets are and who is using them, allowing you to make better-informed business decisions.

How does GPS asset tracking help your business? 


Lose Fewer Assets With GPS Asset Tracking

Being able to view where assets are on the map allows you to retrieve lost assets and minimise asset loss and theft. In the past, asset tracking was confined to manual interactions with assets on-hand. Now, GPS tracking capabilities allow you to automate this process.

In other words, it is now possible to view where assets are when they would otherwise be unaccounted for. Assets are most likely to go missing when they’re in motion, so being able to track assets when they’re offsite is crucial to saving money.

gps asset tracking with itemit

You can also leverage other GPS asset tracking features, such as geofencing and tamper alerts, to ensure that any assets that are getting tracked are safe and secure.


Utilise Many Asset Tracking Features

You won’t be limited to GPS asset tracking when you set up. Because of this, you’ll be able to utilise a wide range of asset management features.

The way the system works is by allowing you to log all of your assets as unique profiles. This way, you can add specific data, such as issues and financial information, against the respective assets.

This creates a highly transparent and easy-to-use solution where you can view information related to assets against the assets themselves. In other words, if an asset has an issue, you’ll be able to view which asset has an issue quickly and effectively, as well as where it is and who interacted with it last.

This coupled with effective equipment checkout functionality, fixed asset management operations such as depreciation, and highly effective location tracking gives you a complete view of how your assets are behaving.


Mix And Match Your Asset Tagging Capabilities

With itemit, you can mix and match your asset tagging capabilities, too, making it a unique system. Therefore, if you want to use GPS asset tracking for high-value assets, you don’t miss out on the benefits of QR code asset management or RFID tracking.

Overall, you’ll be able to save time and money with effective asset tagging. QR code asset management allows you to scan an asset’s tag and then edit asset data in an instant. This way, you’ll be able to improve your operations.

Then, whenever your assets leave your sites, you’ll be able to track them using GPS trackers. This gives you a complete view of all interactions with your assets, as you’ll be able to see how assets have been interacted with when they’re in your control and when they’re not.

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