Why You Need To Use Asset Tracking Software

Why You Need To Use Asset Tracking Software

When you need to have more control over your assets you need to look for asset tracking solutions. Having control over everything means you know where your assets are all of the time. However, there are many benefits associated with asset tracking software. This article explores some of the benefits in the hope that you too will understand why you need software like this

You Can Save Money

One of the best things about using asset tracking solutions is the fact that they can save you money. When you know where all of your assets are you can understand exactly where they are. What this means is that you will no longer lose your assets. As long as you have affixed a QR code or an RFID tag to them then you’ll know where m to find them. A consequence of this is that you will spend less money replacing assets that are lost or stolen. 

Did you know that you can also set up maintenance schedules for each of your assets? Set up a schedule that’s relevant for each asset. Be sure to give your maintenance team access to your tracking software so they know what’s what.  Your maintenance team can understand what assets need to be inspected and when. They can also use the software so they can update it when an asset has been repaired. 

When you regularly inspect and repair your assets you save even more money. This is simply because your assets will be in a better state of repair all of the time.

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You Can Save Time

Want to know where some of your assets are? Take a look at your tracking software. Most asset tracking solutions will quickly show you where your assets are. You don’t have to go hunting high and low for them. Simply log into your software and see where your chosen assets are. 

This feature can be something of a lifesaver if you work in a large location. It can also be useful if you or your team works in the field. A quick check will show you exactly where everything is.

Multiple People Can Use The Software

Like many businesses, you might be used to gaining access to your assets via a spreadsheet. However, it’s likely that only one person or a few people were authorised to use this spreadsheet. If too many people had access to a spreadsheet it could make using it difficult. There may also be unintentional errors appearing here and there. When you use the right asset tracking solutions you can say “Goodbye” to those errors. Multiple people can gain access to the asset tracking software and they can do so with ease. Simply give the appropriate people the login details and they’ll be able to update asset profiles as and when they need to. 

Did you know that you can access the tracking software via numerous devices? You can access the software from either a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone at any time. This is very convenient and helps to make tracking everything a lot easier.

Tracking Your Assets Is Very Easy

It’s very easy to track your assets when you opt for the right asset tracking solutions. Simply affix a QR code or an RFID tag to the assets you want to track. Scan the code or tag and you’ll be shown a profile. Populate the profile with a range of useful information and you’re good to go. You’ll be able to see where your assets are 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also build up a lot of data and export it, should you wish to. This will allow you to see just how each of your assets are used. This feature could prove to be very useful as you’ll gain a new insight into how your business is performing and even where improvements need to be made. You can get all of this information and so much more when you start tracking your assets.

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Your Assets Become More Secure

As soon as you begin to track an asset it will automatically become much more secure. The reason for this is because you can see where it is all of the time. You may even be able to see the last person to use or move the asset. Please make sure that when you look for asset tracking solutions you opt for one that offers you the chance to track your assets easily. There should be no complications and the software should be a breeze to use. When it is, you’ll find that fewer assets go missing or get broken. The reason for this is that your team members will automatically take greater care of them as they’ll know they are tracked. 


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