Revolutionising Asset Management with Cutting-Edge Asset Tracking Software

Revolutionising Asset Management with Cutting-Edge Asset Tracking Software

Now is the time for you to take full control of your assets by using cutting-edge asset tracking software. Software that claims to be cutting-edge should offer you more features than any other software. In addition to this, it should be easy to use and help your work day to run more smoothly. 

This is where itemit can come in and make a difference. Our asset tracking software is here to make sure that you have more control over your assets thanks to the way that it works. You can revolutionise asset management when you use our tracking software. Here’s how:

You Can Locate Your Assets 24/7

When you log into our portal you can see where your assets are all day, every day. When you sign up for itemit, we will send you some RFID tags or QR codes that can be attached to your assets. When you attach these to your assets you begin the process of tracking your assets.

As soon as the required assets have a tag or code attached, a digital profile of them can be created. You simply scan the tag or code to do this. Then, you will automatically be able to track the location of the assets in question. It’s that simple. 

When you know where your assets are, you’re less likely to misplace them. In addition to this, as everyone will know they’re tracked, they’re less likely to be stolen. You can increase security quickly and easily.

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You Can Control Who Uses Your Assets

Let’s imagine that you have 20 tablets that should only be used by your warehouse team, for example. However, someone from your sales team may wish to use them occasionally. If you don’t want your sales team using the tablets you can assign them to the warehouse team directly. This ensures that only that team alone has access to your tablets. 

Additionally, you can ensure that those who are permitted to use the tablets need to check them in and out. This increases the level of security and makes you aware of who is using which tablets. Therefore, should a tablet go missing, you know who had checked it out. This is just one of the many useful features of our asset tracking software.

You Can Use Our Software Wherever You Are

No matter where you are, you can use our asset tracking software. As long as you have internet access you can log into the software. You don’t have to be sitting at the desk in your office. You don’t have to sign in using a desktop computer. You can use a laptop, a tablet, or even your phone.

This allows you to gain access to and control your assets wherever you are. As long as your team has permission to access the software, they can see which assets are where, who is using them, and so much more.

You Can Report Potential Issues Within Moments

Our asset tracking software works in such a way that it allows you to report issues quickly. Let’s imagine that you need to print out a report but the printer simply won’t work. Perhaps there’s an issue with the printer’s software or it’s sustained damage somehow. Rather than hoping maintenance deals with the issue, you can alert them via our software. 

All that you have to do is to alert the maintenance team via the menu. As long as the team has access to itemit, they will receive a notification. You can mention what you think is wrong, when the issue was discovered, and when you need the issue resolved by. You can even upload a photograph or two of the printer if you think they will help. 

As soon as you’ve sent an alert to the maintenance team they’ll know that the printer needs to be repaired. As a result, it’s less likely to be out of order for months at a time. Issues can be resolved faster thanks to the way that our software works. This means that it can be business as usual once more.

Use itemit’s cutting-edge Asset Tracking Software

When you use our cutting-edge asset tracking software you help to revolutionise asset management in the workplace. You can take asset management to a whole new level and enjoy the benefits that come with it. 

Our software is easy to use and reliable and you can use it to its full advantage. Talk to a member of our team today about tracking your assets. You can reach them now at and find out just how well our tracking software can work for you. Alternatively, you could complete the form that’s found below to start a 14-day free trial. You don’t need to give us your credit card information and you could start tracking your assets today.

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