How To Use An Asset Inventory Tracking App On The Go

How To Use An Asset Inventory Tracking App On The Go

When you need to use an inventory tracking app as part of your working day, you need to use it on the go. If tracking your assets makes life so much easier, it makes sense to use an app when you’re not at the office. The good news is that there are asset tracking solutions out there that are easy to use. 

But first, let’s just take a look at what an asset inventory tracking app is. Then, we’ll quickly examine how one can be used on the go.

So What Is An Asset Inventory Tracking App?

An asset inventory tracking app is a specialised app that allows you to track your assets with ease. An app such as this tends to provide many different asset tracking solutions. As a result, you can potentially track all of your apps no matter where you are. 

You could even see which team member is using a specific asset. Where the asset is located, and even who wishes to check the asset out next. Different tracking apps come with different features. However, they all allow you to track your assets. If you would like to use a reliable tracking app, make sure you use one that has a good reputation. Ideally, it will also offer you everything you’re looking for in an app and more.

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Can An App Be Used Alongside An Online Portal?

The quick answer is “Yes”. The long answer is “Yes you can, but it depends”. The only way that you can use an asset tracking solutions app alongside an online portal is if they’re the same brand. 

For example, you may wish to use Asset Tracker Brand A via your desktop or laptop. However, if you use Tracking App C on your phone and/or tablet, the asset trackers are unlikely to work with each other. What you need is an app that can be used alongside an online portal. Look for a trusted asset tracking online portal that also offers you an app. Make sure that they can work in conjunction with each other and are constantly updated. When they are, all of your asset tracking actions will be updated.

Where Can You Use An Asset Inventory Tracking App?

Did you know that you can use an asset inventory tracking app just about anywhere? As long as you have access to WiFi, you can log in. 

So, you could use your app:

  • At your desk
  • On the train
  • In your home
  • On the bus
  • At the construction site
  • In the warehouse
  • On your customer’s private jet
  • In your garage
  • And many other locations

As long as you have access to the internet, you can make the most of your asset tracking solutions. Your team members can also do the same. They too can log in and gain access whenever they need to. Additionally, when you have an app that constantly updates, you’ll see that Team Member 42 has left a note about laptop maintenance. At the same time, Team Member 12 will also see that message. They can respond to the message, should they need to, or simply ignore it. 

The bottom line is that if you need to use a tracking app on the go, it’s likely that you can. You and your team can get on with your tasks knowing that the app is there for you.

Do Online Portals And Tracking Apps Do The Same Thing?

Yes, but only if they are made by the same brand/manufacturer. If your online portal does more than your asset tracking solutions app, you may have to change one of them. As we have already seen, it makes sense to use an app and an online portal that has the same brand name. When you use tracking solutions made by the same brand/manufacturer you should have no issues. They should both do the same thing. 

The only difference is likely to be the size of the screen. Let’s imagine, for example, that you want to track all of your assets. You could open a map and see where everything is with ease. However, when you’re using a smartphone to do this, the screen will be smaller than that of a desktop computer. This tends to be one of the major and perhaps only differences.

Why itemit Is The Best Asset Tracking Software

Should you have an app that doesn’t allow you to do as much as your online portal, you could be missing out. Use a trusted and reliable app that allows you to do everything you need on the go. This could ensure that you can get every asset-related task completed and in a matter of moments. 


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