Why You Need IT Hardware Inventory Management

IT hardware helps you run your business. Without IT hardware, you wouldn’t have the connectivity you need to make sales, scale your business, and run finances. This is why you need IT hardware inventory management.

Without tracking your equipment, you run the risk of:

  • A lack of accountability
  • A lack of clarity
  • A lack of control

Implementing effective IT asset management software ensures that you can track your IT hardware effectively and closely.


Who Can IT Asset Management Help?

IT asset management is available to anyone, at home or in a business, who needs to track their laptops, computers, and phones. Every business will have these, but the hardware itself may have different functions.

Therefore, you need to implement a hardware asset management system that’s suitable for your needs. For example, if your business has multiple teams, the hardware will be used for different things.

Having effective and powerful features to be able to track and assign hardware gives you the clarity you need to ensure your teams have the right tools. 

For example, your development team will have different RAM requirements to your sales and marketing teams and, therefore, you’ll need to be able to verify that every one of your colleagues has the correct tools.

Assign Assets to your Colleagues

Working From Home And IT Hardware Inventory Management

Since working from home has become more common, it’s more essential than ever to track and manage your hardware. Assets are most likely to become unaccounted for or lost when they move, from tools and equipment to laptops and computers.

This is why you need to be able to use an asset tracking system to be certain your colleagues can work effectively with everything they need to perform their duties.

You’ll be able to use asset tags to allow your colleagues to interact with the IT asset register on your software. This way, you can verify that they have everything they need in an instant, as every scan of a tag will update the asset’s last seen location and the user who scanned the tag.

Tagging and Tracking with QR Code Asset Tags

Why You Need To Track Your IT Hardware

Overall, you need to track your IT hardware for more control and more clarity over your asset register. This way you’ll be able to verify both your colleagues and your equipment are working effectively.

IT hardware inventory management can also help you track your asset maintenance. This way, you’ll be able to track PAT tests and other crucial hardware maintenance.

Being able to monitor the changes your IT assets go through, whether it be in terms of movement, status, or usability, helps you keep a clear view of how effectively your business is running.


lose fewer assets with fixed asset management software


As every change will automatically update your fixed asset register, too, you’ll be able to use it for a variety of different insurance, auditing, and accounting purposes by hitting “export”.

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