Why You Need Inventory Check In Check Out Software

Inventory check in check out software gives you a lot of functionality which will help you track and manage your inventory of assets better. 

From fixed asset tracking to IT asset management to maintenance management, you’ll be able to use inventory check in check out software to track and manage which of your colleagues are using which assets.

Knowing who is using what is part of the battle when it comes to saving time and money for your business. However, the immense amount of functionality inventory check in check out software gives you makes saving money a breeze.


save time with inventory check in check out software


What is Inventory Check In Check Out Software?

Inventory check in check out software is a suite of asset tracking features and functionality which all help save you time and money.

It will have a lot of core functionality, such as location tracking and the ability to assign assets to colleagues. Overall, this will help you gain transparency and improve accountability over your asset inventory.

First of all, you’ll log your asset inventory by creating unique, digital asset profiles in your software. This is where you’ll be able to log equipment checkouts and book assets.

Then, you’ll use QR code asset tags to link your physical assets to their digital profiles. What this means is that you’ll be able to scan an asset’s tag to retrieve the corresponding digital profile.


How Asset Tracking Saves You Time and Money

Ultimately, the ability to retrieve asset profiles in an instant saves you a lot of time. This is as you’ll be able to scan a QR code and instantly create a booking within an asset’s digital profile.

bookings and check in check out

How does this save you money? In terms of equipment bookings, you’ll be able to create and view all of your bookings in one place, and you’ll be able to view all the relevant data you need to.

Your inventory check in check out software won’t allow for double bookings, meaning you get additional accountability and an audit trail of who has been interacting with which assets. 

Also, you’ll be able to book your asset inventory out to anyone, so you’ll be able to plan better, whether the assets are being used onsite or if they’ve been rented out to another company.


Using itemit’s Asset Management System

itemit’s asset management system gives you a wide variety of features, from equipment booking and check in check out, to maintenance and issues management.

With itemit, saving time and money is quick and simple. All you need to do is log your assets, add your tags, and start tracking. In no time at all, you’ll start to see the results.

You’ll lose fewer assets, you’ll spend less time on auditing, and you’ll ultimately gain more control over your assets and your fixed asset register.

To find out more about using itemit as your inventory check in check out software, you can book a demo using the demo button below.

You’ll also be able to contact us at team@itemit.com or fill in the form below to start your 14-day free trial. What are you waiting for? Start saving time and money today.


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