How To Manage Office Equipment

When you’re working in an office, knowing which fixed assets you own and how they’re being used is crucial. You’ll need to know how to manage office equipment to save time and money.

More and more people are returning to the office, so now is a great time to start auditing, logging, and managing equipment. As things are moving around more frequently, between people’s homes and the office, equipment management is more important than ever.


using asset tags for asset tracking


What Is Equipment Management?

Equipment management is the discipline of logging, monitoring, and tracking your equipment. This equipment can be anything, such as fixed assets, or it can be equipment you loan out or use for other purposes.

You’ll be able to use an equipment management system to help with your fixed asset management. This way, you’ll save time and money by having the additional accountability you require to control your assets better.

It works by creating digital doubles of your equipment in an online system. On these digital profiles, you’ll be able to add information such as maintenance and financial data.

You’ll then link these digital doubles to your equipment through the use of asset tags. Most commonly, you’ll be using barcodes or QR code asset tags. Every time you scan the physical tag, the digital profile will be retrieved for editing, and the equipment’s last seen location will update.

Tagging and Tracking with QR Code Asset Tags

How Does Equipment Management Save Me Money?

You may already be used to using spreadsheets to track and manage your fixed assets and your equipment. Spreadsheets create a lot of potential gaps.

Human error and the fact that each time an asset is used, a spreadsheet becomes outdated, which quickly makes spreadsheets unwieldy and difficult to manage.

Already, using better equipment management software saves you money as the risk of ghost assets and zombie assets is minimised. 



You save time and money in a few other ways, too. As you can quickly retrieve an asset’s profile using asset tags, it means that you can edit equipment information in an instant.

Therefore, you’ll be able to use equipment management with your IT assets to report issues with laptops, for example, without spending much time doing so.

issues management software

Not only do you save time reporting the issue, as it only takes a couple of button clicks to do what you need to do, but you also save time for your maintenance team.

What Else Can I Do?

With the best asset tracking software, you’ll get a suite of features that makes office life and operations a lot simpler. Not only will you be able to audit the prices and locations of assets, but you’ll also be able to use many other helpful features to get the most out of your equipment management.

For example, you’ll also be able to check assets in and out to your teammates, meaning that you’re not waiting around for equipment to become available.

You’ll also be able to assign assets to your colleagues, which helps when you’re onboarding but also gives a clear view of who is using what and who is responsible for which assets.

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