Why is Asset Management Important for IT?

Why is Asset Management Important for IT?

IT assets are a hugely important part of almost any business. From helping a business to communicate with its customers to creating orders, assets such as these need to be managed correctly. 

Using the right asset management software, businesses can run more efficiently. itemit’s IT asset management software is ideal for businesses everywhere. Thanks to its ability to track assets while also offering other features, every aspect of a business can run more smoothly.

Offers A Complete Inventory of Equipment

One of the major features of itemit’s software is that it offers users a complete inventory of IT equipment. Users can scan all of their assets into the system and, therefore, have a complete inventory. This can prove to be very beneficial to businesses as it’s possible to update the inventory with details of upgrades, patches, and updates.

When an inventory is continuously updated, it means that every user can thoroughly track each asset. For example, when they log into itemit’s software, they can see that computer 1 in the human resources department was updated 2 days previously. Users can also see that there are issues with computer 4 in the customer service department. 

With this knowledge, it is possible to understand which computers are functioning and which are out of action. It will, therefore, be easier to fix any possible issues.

Business Asset Tracking

Creates Inspection Schedules

From time to time, IT assets fail to work well, if at all. Here is where using the right IT asset tracking software can help. Every time a new asset is added to the inventory, an inspection schedule can be created. This allows users to understand when a computer needs to be inspected. 

Frequent inspection potentially uncovers any issues that may have arisen. Issues that have been discovered can be rectified. This ultimately means that there are few computers, for example, that are out of action. When every employee has the tools that they need to complete their work, they can work more effectively.

Monitoring Each Asset’s Condition

It is possible to monitor each asset’s condition. Whenever an employee uses a photocopier, for example, they can note its condition. For example, should a printer fail to function, users can add the details to itemit. The maintenance team, for example, can receive a notification that there’s an issue with the printer. Maintenance can then repair the printer so that it’s back in action ASAP. This ultimately means that the printer will be out of order for a limited amount of time. Anyone who works in IT will know that having just one printer out of action can create issues. However, when the right tracking software is used, malfunctioning IT assets can be up and running again in no time.

Creates Detailed User History

Every time an employee uses an IT asset, they can log their action into the tracking software. Those who monitor the tracking software can see that Employee 6 used the computer in their office for 7 hours on July 11th, and there were no reported issues. 

IT assets that move from location to location such as scanners and mobile phones may have multiple users. Every time an employee uses such equipment, they can note why they are using the asset and if there are any issues with this. This allows a detailed user history to be created and ensures management can see how useful the IT asset in question is. 

Management can also see when the asset was last used. This can prove to be useful if an asset is lost, stolen, or broken.

Profit/Loss saved asset tracking

Improves Each Asset’s Life Cycle

As assets are looked after, they will have an improved lifecycle. Not only does this mean that assets will last longer, but it also means that costs will be reduced.

It may be that assets don’t need to be replaced quite as often as they currently do. This is thanks to each asset being repaired when there’s an issue while also being tracked. Users can locate the IT assets in question when they log into the software. This means fewer assets will get lost or stolen. It also ensures that every employee feels more responsible for the assets they use. 

With an improved life cycle comes reduced spending and a more efficient workplace. Businesses, therefore, have the potential to become more successful thanks to the fact that every IT asset is looked after.

itemit’s IT Asset Tracking Software

itemit’s IT asset tracking software combines technologies for the greatest power. With a range of tools at their disposal, users can track and manage their IT assets no matter where they are. Ask the friendly team at itemit how our tracking software can benefit your business. You can reach them at: team@itemit.com. Alternatively, you could opt for our 14-day Free Trial and find out just how well our IT asset tracking software works for you.

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