Why Tracking Assets Via Your Phone Is Ideal

Why Tracking Assets Via Your Phone Is Ideal

These days, most people tend to use their phones to access the World Wide Web. They use it to shop, to pay bills, and to watch an endless stream of videos. But did you know that you could also use your smartphone to track your assets? 

It’s possible for you to make use of asset tracking solutions that could make a difference to your business. You don’t have to be sitting at a laptop or a desktop computer. You don’t even have to switch on and use a tablet. You can simply use your personal or work phone to track your assets. As long as you have downloaded the relevant app and signed in, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t track your assets.

How Does Mobile Asset Tracking Work?

Mobile asset tracking works in the same way that other asset tracking solutions work. You use a GPS system to help you locate your assets. In order for this to work, you need to attach a barcode, RFID tag or a QR code to your chosen assets. Once the tag has been attached, you’re good to go. 

Just make sure that when you first use the software you name every asset that you’re tracking. You’ll have the opportunity to do this when you create a digital profile. A profile such as this is created when you scan a barcode, QR code, etc. The profile will allow you to input as much information as you wish. You could add an asset’s name, date of purchase, usual location, estimated value, and maintenance schedule. You could also add serial numbers, warranty and insurance details and a photograph for easy identification. 

When you have a lot of information in each digital profile you make life easier. If you need to get a machine’s serial number, for example, all you do is open the digital profile. It’s that simple.

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You Can Track Your Asset’s Location

One of the best things that you can do with your new tracking software is to track your asset’s location. However, not a lot of people are aware of just how easy asset tracking is. As we have already seen, as soon as you create a digital profile you can start tracking things. 

Imagine being able to track all of your assets. You can see where they are, maybe who is using what, and whether they’re being used in the correct location.

Assets Can Be Identified In Moments

Did you know that when you use the right asset tracking solutions you can identify assets in moments? Let’s imagine you’ve come across a pallet of stock and you’re not sure which department it belongs to. Simply scan the barcode and you’ll be shown a whole host of information. You council see what stock is being stored on the pallet and which department ordered it. Alternatively, you could find a laptop in the break room and wonder who left it there. A quick scan will tell you that yet again Dave from marketing has left something behind. 

There is no fuss, no asking around, no time wasted. You can log into the software/app on your phone, scan the code and see what’s what.

Assets Can Be Check Out And Back In Again

One of the great features of different types of asset tracking solutions is the check-in check-out option. Of course, not every app offers this, so make sure you look for one that does if this feature is a priority. 

The ability to check assets in and out means you have more control over them. It also means that all of your assets are more secure. They may no longer get lost or misplaced. They may not even get stolen as it’ll be clear who has what. 

Some tracking apps let you request assets and put you in the queue for them. This ensures you get to use the asset next rather than someone else. This could be useful if there’s usually a long list of people waiting to use a printer, an oven, a vehicle, a forklift, and so on. In other words, you and your team could have access to the equipment you need, when you need it.

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Maintaining Your Assets Is Easier

Asset tracking solutions make life easier in a number of ways. One significant way revolves around ensuring maintenance is easier. We all know that maintaining your assets can be a headache. However, with the right app, you could find it relatively simple. All that you need to do is to set a maintenance schedule for each asset when you’re completing the digital profile. When you do, your maintenance team could receive a reminder when an asset needs to be looked at. 

When your assets are frequently maintained they are much less likely to break down. Therefore, it makes sense to stay on top of maintenance. Thankfully, you can do this with a tracking app on your phone.

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