Get Rid Of Spreadsheets And Save Money

Get Rid Of Spreadsheets And Save Money

When was the last time you used a spreadsheet? If you’ve used one recently you’ll know how frustrating they can be. If you’ve not used a spreadsheet for a while, is it because they’re not particularly good? Or have you moved into something better?

Spreadsheets are perfectly good if you wish to make a list, display some sums, or even make a note of your wages. However, they tend to be less-than-perfect & not ideal for the modern world. 

One of the best things that you can do is to get rid of spreadsheets so you can save money. If you use a spreadsheet to track your assets you could be missing out. Modern asset tracking can track your assets and do so much more. 

Let’s take a look at why you need to eliminate spreadsheets and move on to something better.

Why Spreadsheets Are Still Used To This Day

Some businesses still use spreadsheets because they always have. However, this is not a great idea as this form of “technology” is very limited. 

If a lot of people have access to the spreadsheet, there’s a lot of room for error. For example, you could input data correctly, but how do you know if everyone else has? If, for example, a team member noted that they received 500 units instead of 600, the data would be incorrect. If you were to use equations that were based on the incorrect data, there could be a lot of issues. 

This is one of the reasons why asset tracking software is used instead of spreadsheets. The tracking software is a lot less likely to contain errors. Should you let the software deal with a lot of aspects of your business, for example, it could order 600 units when your stock gets low. It could note what has arrived, when it’s arrived, and who dealt with the order. A consequence of this ensures that all of your data is correct.

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Your Data Could Be Incomplete

In addition to incorrect data, spreadsheets could also contain incomplete data. Incomplete data could result in you not knowing how your business is performing. If you don’t know how your business is performing, how can you make decisions about its future?

When you decide to make the switch to asset tracking software there won’t be any incomplete data. You will have all of the information you need to hand, at all times. A direct result of this means that you’ll always know what’s what and how your business is performing. With information such as this, you can make the right business decisions. Being able to control your business in this way is very satisfying. It allows you to have more control over many aspects of your business.

Your Spreadsheets Could Be Full Of Errors

As we have already seen, spreadsheets could be full of errors. A direct result of this means there’s a potential for your business to fail. This is understandably the last thing you want to happen. So, using tracking software instead ensures that all of those potential errors never occur. 

Did you know that when you track your assets using modern tracking software, multiple people can access it? The good news is that you won’t have to worry about mistakes being made. Every time someone enters data you can make sure it’s correct. As the manager, you could see what data’s been entered and check that all is above-board.

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How Asset Tracking Software Can Save You Money

It’s safe to say that asset tracking is the future. It’s a form of technology that is growing and developing. Using a range of digital tools, tracking software works hard so you don’t have to. In addition to this, the software has a real ability to save you money. 

Let’s imagine that someone has incorrectly inputted how much profit you’ve made. A direct consequence of this means you could lose money. However, when you use software that works well, you could save your money instead. 

Saving money is far easier when you have modern technology at your fingertips. You can see what’s what and whether your business is doing well. Tracking software could also allow you to set up maintenance schedules ensuring all of your equipment stays in good condition. This will directly save you cash as your equipment will last longer. 


It makes a lot of sense for you to stop using spreadsheets. While they worked seemingly well for a while, their heyday was many moons ago. Now, it’s time to make the most of everything that asset tracking has to offer. Use the software to its full advantage so your business starts to reap the rewards today. 

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