Preventative Maintenance And Its Importance For Assets On Your Construction Site

Preventative Maintenance And Its Importance For Assets On Your Construction Site

Taking good care of all of your assets is hugely important for all of the assets on your construction site.  However, it’s often much easier said than done. If you have a lot of tools, computers, machinery, equipment, vehicles, etc. maintenance can be difficult. The good news is that with a bit of planning and pre-emptive maintenance, your assets can be taken care of.

What is Pre-emptive Maintenance?

Pre-emptive maintenance is ultimately a strategic way of ensuring all of your assets are routinely maintained. When everything is taken care of, your assets are less likely to break down. In addition to this, downtime could be minimised. This can only be a good thing. When unplanned downtime occurs it can hold up the flow of the construction site. There’s a chance that your project could be set back a few hours or even a few days. However, when you pre-empt downtime by maintaining all of your tools and machinery, etc. downtime is less likely to occur.

Less downtime means there’s a real chance that you and everyone else on your site could become more productive.

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Managing Your Assets’ Lifecycle

It goes without saying that some of your equipment will sustain wear and tear. Consequently, the lifecycle of that equipment isn’t likely to be long. However, when you employ pre-emptive maintenance, your equipment could last longer.

Using asset tracking software can be of immense help. It can help you to locate your assets in addition to allowing you to set up maintenance reminders. Not only this, but you can also see which tools are being used and which have been left in the storage area. 

Did you know that when you use asset tracking software you can manage each asset’s lifestyle with ease? You probably already have an idea as to how long each asset lasts. When you add the date of purchase to each asset’s digital profile you can estimate when the asset will fail. This allows you to plan ahead and make sure you have replacement assets to hand, should you need to.

Setting Up Maintenance Reminders

We already know that when your most essential construction equipment isn’t working it can cause issues. However, when you set up maintenance reminders you can almost say “Cheerio” to those issues. Maintenance reminders can ensure that your tools are checked over every so often. That machinery you rely on so heavily could be looked at and potential faults can be dealt with. This not only ensures that your machinery is less likely to break down, it can potentially mean it’s safer to use. 

When you use pre-emptive maintenance in such a way, you could complete your projects sooner rather than later. If you’re worried about the delay caused by maintenance you could always have a temporary replacement. As a result, you could still get on with the tasks at hand, ensuring that there’s less delay. 

When it comes to setting up maintenance reminders, consider how often maintenance is required. Perhaps some machinery needs to be checked out once a month. Your trusted tools may need to be looked at 4 times a year. Your vehicles may need a six-monthly check, and so on. Set up maintenance reminders that are specific to each asset. When you do, you’re less likely to have issues.

Pre-emptive Maintenance And More

Pre-empting asset maintenance is hugely important to the assets used on your construction site. Many people use asset tracking software to help prevent issues. But did you know that using software such as this to pre-empt issues comes with a few benefits? Below, you can find just a few of them:

  • There’s a lot less downtime due to unexpected issues
  • Your team members are less likely to sustain injuries
  • Your expenses could potentially be lowered
  • You are likely to gain even more trust from your team members 
  • You could have improved Root Cause Analysis data collection
  • Your bottom line is likely to improve 
  • The rate at which your equipment is turned over could reduce 
  • Safety levels can increase due to everyone using safer equipment
  • Security is improved as you always know where your assets are
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As you can see, there are a lot of benefits associated with using tracking software to help maintain your assets. Additionally, your customers/clients are likely to be even happier with you. When you start to meet and maybe even beat deadlines your reputation could improve. This is never a bad thing as it potentially means that you could get more business. It also means that you and your team could work on a safer construction site that has a better atmosphere. 


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