How Asset Tracking Can Be Used to Manage Asset Maintenance

How Asset Tracking Can Be Used to Manage Asset Maintenance

Asset management software can be used to manage asset maintenance. When assets are tracked they can be located easily, helping users to retrieve the assets should they need to. This is a feature that all asset tracking software has. However, itemit’s asset management software allows users to go one step further. 

Thanks to the way that itemit’s management software works, users can manage maintenance issues very easily. Read on for more information as to how the software helps.

The Best Asset Tracking Implementations And Use Cases

Digitally Manages Assets

The right tracking software works to digitally manage assets. Users can log, track, and maintain all of their assets. This feature allows users to create a complete audit history. The history can include:

  • Every type of interaction
  • Display urgent information 
  • Display documents and photographs
  • Pre-plan maintenance
  • Help to improve work practices

All of the above features can take place in real-time. This ensures that whenever a user logs into itemit’s system, they are instantly updated.

The ability to digitally manage assets can make the working day easier. The required information is at the user’s fingertips, and ready to read when they log in. This allows tasks to be completed quickly and with little fuss. As a result, other tasks can be undertaken and the business can run a little more smoothly.

Updates Asset Information Easily

itemit’s asset management software allows users to update asset information quickly and easily. With the touch of a button, users can alter the maintenance, leave notes for other users, and upload photographs. 

New assets can be added or changed, whilst they are tracked in real-time. There’s a potential for an unlimited number of assets to be tracked and for each asset’s information to be recorded. 

For example, users can record:

  • The asset’s maintenance schedule
  • When the asset was last maintained
  • Notes on the maintenance team’s actions
  • Whether further maintenance is required
  • Photographs of damage to the asset
  • Queries that users have about the most recent or upcoming maintenance

 When all of the above information is added to the system, it ensures better maintenance management. Every single asset that a business has can be maintained as often as required.

Prevents Loss

Every year, businesses all over the country lose hundreds, if not thousands of pounds of assets. In some cases, the loss can be as a result of poor asset management. With the right management, losses can be significantly reduced. 

When assets undergo scheduled maintenance, they are less likely to become a ghost asset. When assets are damaged they can still be accounted for. For example, one business may have 40 laptops that are used by a team of 60 employees. Let’s imagine that within 6 months, 3 of those laptops become damaged. If those laptops are not sent for maintenance, it means that there are only 37 working laptops available. 

With the use of the itemit’s issues reporting feature, the maintenance team can repair those 3 damaged laptops. When a laptop becomes damaged, users can report an issue on the assets profile in itemit which will notify the team by creating a ticket. This will then be picked up by the maintenance team who can schedule its repair. 

When the 3 broken laptops are repaired, it means more people can use them. This in itself can help employees to become more efficient. Additionally, it means that the business is less likely to buy replacement laptops. What this means is that loss is prevented.

Saves Time

When asset tracking software is used for maintenance purposes, it can save time. The maintenance team, for example, can undertake inspections and repairs a little more easily. They will receive real-time updates and they will no longer need to hunt for the assets that need repairing. itemit’s software allows assets to be tracked. All that users need to do is log into the system and they will see the asset’s last-known location. As a result, the maintenance team can see where the damaged assets are and retrieve them.

When notes are left by users that inform the maintenance team of issues, the team can get to work quicker. They can understand what the issues are, and work on repairing them. This leaves out a lot of guesswork and allows maintenance to deal with the issues quickly, thereby saving time.

The Ease of itemit’s Asset Management Software

itemit’s asset management software is easy and quick to use. Businesses everywhere can manage asset maintenance. As a result, there will be more assets in circulation and fewer ghost assets. This means that losses are reduced, and employees can complete their tasks more efficiently. 

Find out how well itemit’s asset management software can help you to manage asset maintenance. Talk to our helpful and friendly team now at Alternatively, you could sign up for our 14-day Free Trial and discover just how well our asset management software works for you.

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