Why Asset Tracking Software Is The Future Of Tool Management

Why Asset Tracking Software Is The Future Of Tool Management

Whether you work in construction, horticulture, or any other industry that uses tools you’ll need to keep track of them. When you use the right asset tracking software you can have much more control over every single tool. As a result, your business can become much more efficient. This, in turn, will help your business to become more successful.

Without the use of an asset tracking system tools can become lost, damaged, or even stolen. However, itemit has the solution for you. Our trusted asset tracking software is the future of tool management, providing an effective solution to your tracking needs. Read on to find out more.

Asset Tracking Software Comes With Many Features

When you use the right tracking software you’ll find that it has many features. These include:

  • The ability to create an asset register
  • Issue reporting and management
  • Asset tagging
  • Tool and equipment location tracking
  • Bulk action updates
  • Public profiles
  • Checking in and out ability 
  • The ability to organise assets into collections 
  • Exportable report creation
  • Web portal access
  • iOS and Android app access
  • Depreciation, quick add, and audit functions 
  • Barcode and QR code asset tagging

As you can see, there are many features associated with using itemit’s asset tracking software. Our software is very easy to use and you can gain access to the required menus within moments. 

We know that you have many tasks to complete each day. This is why we have created software that is very easy to use, reliable, and fast. You don’t want to use software that takes too long to load or often has issues. You and your business need to be able to rely on asset tracking software that works well and offers you everything you need and more. 

It’s no wonder, then, that more and more businesses are using our tool tracking software. The software helps them to stay in control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Business Asset Tracking

Improving Accountability

It is possible for you to improve accountability throughout your business. This is hugely important as it helps you and your team to work more ethically. 

When all of your assets are tagged they can be tracked. Not only does this ensure that tools are less likely to get stolen, it can also help to prevent them from becoming damaged. Users of the tools will be aware that the tools are being tracked and are more likely to take care of them. As a result, fewer tools may need repairing and even fewer may need replacing. 

When fewer tools need to be sent for maintenance or be discarded and replaced, less money will be spent. This ensures that those all-important profits are more likely to increase. When a business becomes more profitable it is much more likely to succeed. 

You can give your business a better chance of succeeding simply by using the right tracking software.

Tracking Everything

Thanks to the way that itemit’s software works, every business asset can be tracked. You won’t be just limited to tracking your tools. You can track equipment, machinery, computers, handheld scanners, and so much more. You can even track your stock, should you wish to. 

The only limit is whether you can affix a QR code or RFID tag to your assets. The good news is that our codes and tags stick to just about anything. This means that you can track just about anything. 

All that you have to do is to attach a QR code or RFID tag to an asset. Once it’s attached you can create a digital profile. As soon as a digital profile has been created it’s possible to add as much information about each asset as you wish. When you’re ready to track an asset you can either log into the menu and locate it that way or scan the QR code, for example. Upon scanning the code the asset’s profile will show and you’ll be able to see the asset’s progress.

Did you know that you can also track fixed assets? You don’t have to limit yourself to tracking assets that are used in multiple locations. You can track assets that stay in one place all of the time. This allows you to see how these assets are performing, when they were last used, etc. This is how flexible our asset tracking software is.

itemit Is The Future Of Asset Tracking Software

itemit is the future of tracking all types of assets. When you use our software you can have much more control over every single asset. In addition to this, it’s possible to save your business money while making it more efficient. 

Talk to our team of helpful and friendly software experts. You can email them at team@itemit.com and learn just how well itemit can work for you. If you’d rather start using our software now, simply fill in the form below and your 14-day free trial will begin.

The Future Of Asset Tracking

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