using asset tags for simpler asset tracking

On the 7th day of Christmas, my true love gave to me: A wide range of asset tagging options.

Tagging your assets is crucial. Tagged assets mean you can link your assets directly to an online profile. Any time an asset’s status changes, whether this means needing maintenance or changing hands, all you’ll have to do is scan the asset tag and update the information.

Updates happen in real-time for your whole team to see, streamlining any asset management process.



QR Code Asset Tags

We’ll start off with the simplest and most elegant tags you can use with itemit: QR code asset tags.

QR codes are easy to stick on any of your assets to start your asset tracking process. All newer smartphones have an in-built QR scanner so you won’t need any external hardware!

It’s very simple, just stick on the asset tag and get going.


Bespoke QR Code Asset Tags

Sometimes, vinyl sticker QR code asset tags won’t be right for the job.

If an asset undergoes a lot of wear and tear or weathering on a day to day basis, you might need something a little more durable.

This is why we’ve created a bespoke range of tags. Use our metal QR code tags on heavier equipment as the stronger adhesive will ensure the tags continue to work.

Not only this, but you can also get iron-on QR codes or even keyring QR code tags if you want to track and manage your keys!

Our diverse clients are using a variety of different QR code tags, so why not get yours today?


QR code asset tags



Which is better: QR Codes or RFID? This depends. 

An RFID tagging system will be more expensive. For a start, you will need to use a third party RFID tag reader and link it to the app via Bluetooth. 

However, if you’re tracking high-value assets or if you need to scan tags without having a direct line of sight (i.e. the tags are hidden) then RFID tags might be for you.

The Ministry of Defence is currently using our RFID tags to track and manage their high-value assets, such as paintings of the Queen! Find out more about how the Ministry of Defence is using itemit.


GPS Tags

Coming soon is an exciting new capability. The ability to use GPS tags to track and manage your assets is on our development roadmap. This means, not only will you be able to track an asset’s last seen location, but you’ll also be able to track asset location in real-time.

When your assets move from site to site, you need a flexible and effective asset tracking system. With itemit, you’ll be able to choose which asset tags suit you best, and if that means you need a combination of different tag types, then itemit can handle that too.

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