using asset tags to track your keys

Did you know, you can use itemit to track and manage your keys?

If you’re responsible for many bunches of keys, you’ll know the importance of tracking these keys and checking them out and back into each contractor efficiently. If you’re not already using a smart asset tracking system to track your keys, then it’s time you do!


The Need to Track Keys

If you’re a University or Facility Building, then you’ll have a lot of keys to track. Each building has keys for different floors, buildings, plant rooms, roofs, etc. All of a sudden, you end up with hundreds of keys to monitor. Add to that the keys for each vehicle, especially if you’re a construction business or service provider and travel from job to job, and it’s easy to see why you’re looking for a better way to track your keys and fobs.

Presumably, you’ve got a securely locked key cupboard (or a few!) in your entrance area/behind reception. When you’re keys are here, you know they’re safe. But every day, you have many different contractors and employees who all take keys out so they can perform their duties. With each change of possession, there’s a risk that your keys can be misplaced, lost and damaged. Asset Tracking Software can allow you to scan assets and instantly check them out to authorised contractors and staff members.


Using Asset Tags to Track Keys

With the use of a simple QR code keyring, tracking and managing your keys bunches is easy. When your colleague next rocks up and lists off the key bunches they need, simply scan the key’s tag and check it out to your authorised personnel. If you want extra security and peace of mind, you can also request that your contractors scan the keys when they arrive on site. This will reduce the chance of lost keys and also help you to find any keys that do get misplaced. You know how it goes, you’ve lost something important and someone asks you where you last saw it. With itemit’s asset tracking software, you’ll be able to see where each set of keys is, has been and who has it.

As well as this, a huge benefit of using asset tracking software to manage your keys is that you can categorise keys per building or site using the itemit collections and locations features. This means if you have a new contractor who isn’t sure what keys they need, all you need is the name of the location they’re headed to and you can see at a glance all keys that may be necessary in that location.


Asset Tags Create Unique Assets

As QR code asset tags are themselves unique, assigning them to assets makes those assets unique as well. This means scanning a QR code asset tag, brings up that asset’s unique profile page. This makes tracking the location of each key much, much simpler.


Where can I get Keyring Asset Tags?

To gain greater accountability over your keys, keyring QR code asset tags will help. Whether you’re booking your keys out or even if someone is just borrowing them, using keyring asset tags greatly speeds up the handover process.

Where can you get these functional, magical tags? All you have to do is contact us and ask about tracking your keys and we’ll get this sorted for you.

It doesn’t have to be difficult to track and manage all of your important assets and keys anymore. No more spreadsheets needed. Asset tracking and management is simple now that itemit has the key.


Using Asset Tags to Track Keys

With the use of a simple QR code keyring, tracking and managing your different sets of keys is easy.

Every time you hand them to a new user, all you need to do is scan the asset tag keyring and check the key out to the temporary owner.

They don’t need to do a thing, and it only takes a moment! It’s that simple.

If you’re a landlord, therefore, or if your building has lockers, you’ll be able to use QR code asset tags to assign all of your keys to different people.

As well as this, having this extra layer of accountability means that your keys are a lot easier to track uniquely.


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