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company assets and tracking

Company Assets: How Asset Management Can Help You Track Them

Company assets are always going to be difficult to track without an effective asset tracking system. Why? Here are 8 reasons why you’re struggling.



airbnb management

Airbnb Management: How can asset tracking save you time and money?

Airbnb management is difficult. There’s so much to do and it’s so spread out, especially if you manage more than one property. Asset tracking can help.



the simple asset management software

itemit 2.0 has landed

Version 2 of our simple asset management software has been released. Now you can get even more out of your asset tracking and management needs.



GDPR Compliance

GDPR Compliance: Why you need to track your IT assets to be compliant

GDPR compliance is crucial for your company. Without it, your company may be liable for a review. itemit can help. Tracking IT assets is easy with itemit.



Summer Holiday Booking

Summer Holiday Booking and itemit: How it can be a breeze

Holiday booking and organising can be stressful. What if I told you with itemit it’s easier to keep track of everything? From your passports to your tickets, read here to find out more.



Historical Assets

Historical Assets and itemit: Effective museum asset Tracking

Whether you’re a museum curator or a collector, you will have a lot of historical assets. If you want a simple asset management solution then read this article on how itemit can help.



qr code asset tags or rfid asset tags

QR vs. RFID, which is better?

Thinking about using QR or RFID tags to make your life a bit quicker and a bit easier? Which of them is better though?



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