Saving Time And Money With IT Inventory Management

IT inventory management allows you to keep a clear view of the IT assets you own. Using an IT inventory management system allows you to keep control of your IT assets and edit crucial operational data.

Your business needs an IT asset management system to save time and money that would otherwise be spent on lengthy maintenance tasks, replacements for lost assets, and accidental duplicate purchases.


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What Is An IT Inventory Management System?

An IT inventory management system is an online system which allows you to log your IT assets. There’ll be an integrated app and web portal which make tracking your assets easy and automated.

In essence, if you’re on-site with a laptop, you’ll be able to add data or information, such as a maintenance ticket, to that laptop. As your IT asset management system will be cloud-based, this ticket will be reflected across the board in real-time.

The use of asset tagging also speeds this process up. Each of your assets will have their own unique digital profile. You’ll be able to link this profile to the physical asset with the use of asset tags.

Then, once you’ve tagged your IT asset, you’ll be able to scan the asset’s tag and report the damage in an instant. As every scan of an asset’s tag also updates the asset’s last seen location, it gives your maintenance crew a very clear and accurate view of what needs to be addressed, and where assets requiring maintenance physically are.

Tagging and Tracking with QR Code Asset Tags

Speeding Up Operations With Asset Tracking

Your asset tracking system will also come with a suite of helpful time and cost-saving features. For example, you’ll be able to make use of an asset booking system to log who your assets are with and when they’re unavailable.

Issues management and maintenance are streamlined with an IT inventory management system, allowing you to reduce costs related to asset downtime and manage information such as PAT test dates.

All of this coupled with helpful location tracking means that you’re less likely to lose assets. You can also run fast audits to ensure all of your assets are in the correct location.

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Every change also updates your IT asset register, meaning you get an automated system that you can use for accounting, insurance, and tax purposes.


Using itemit’s IT Asset Management System

itemit’s IT asset management system has been built on user feedback. Since it’s inception as an effective and streamlined way to monitor asset locations, itemit has grown to something much bigger.

Many companies are already using itemit to track and manage their IT assets, so you’ll be in good company! Our team are here to help you get set up every step of the way, as we’re committed to ensuring you save as much time and money as possible.

To find out more about how itemit’s IT inventory management system can help your business, you’ll be able to book a demo using the button below.

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