IT Inventory Management: A Short Guide

IT Inventory Management: A Short Guide

Your IT inventory makes your working life so much easier, there’s no doubt about it. However, you may not have it quite under control. This is a mistake as it means you’re unlikely to be making the most of it. The good news is that when you use IT inventory management you can control and make the most of your IT assets.

Not everyone knows how to look after their IT inventory, let alone control it. This short guide, however, should help with this.

What’s In Your IT Inventory?

So what exactly is in your IT inventory? The easy answer is: anything that’s related to your computers. In other words, your PCs, laptops, tablets, cables, modems, printers, fax machines (if you still have them), and more. You may be surprised to learn just how many IT assets you have. However, when you do know how many you have you’ll understand exactly why IT inventory management is crucial. 

Have a think about what you have in your IT inventory. Make sure that you include anything that is remotely related to your computers, laptops, and your tablets. When you do, you’ll be able to have better control over everything.

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What is IT Inventory Management?

IT inventory management is all about controlling your IT assets. It’s also all about making the most of these assets. Right now, you may not be making the most of your assets. In addition to this, you may not be sending them for repairs as often as you should. Inventory management solves all of this by allowing you to gain full control over your assets. 

When you use inventory management to its full advantage you can:

  • Manage any faults along with setting up regular maintenance
  • Understand who has access to particular assets
  • Know where your assets are all day, every single day
  • Understand whether your assets are in the correct location 
  • Have more control over your assets than you realised. 

In short, when you manage your IT inventory, you have much more accountability over your assets. You can also print out multiple reports so you can understand how the assets are being used. As long as you opt for management software that allows you to print off reports you’re good to go. Doing so will allow you to get a better insight into how your assets are being used. A direct result of this means that you could use them in such a way that your business benefits.

How Easy Is It To Implement Inventory Management?

The really good news is that it’s easy to implement inventory management. All that you need to do is to choose some software that you like the look of. Just be sure that the software offers you all of the features that you need such as checking assets in and out, the option to use fixed or handheld RFID capabilities, organising assets into collections, and more. 

Once you’ve chosen the software that suits you, it’s time to start implementing its usage. This is easy. Simply attach an RFID tag or barcode to your IT assets. Scan the tags or barcodes as you add them so a profile opens up. Be sure to fill this profile with as much information as you wish. The more you add, the better as it means you can refer to it in the future, should you need to.

As soon as a profile has been created, the software will automatically track your IT assets. So, you will begin to benefit from using the software right away.

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The Benefits Of Controlling Your Assets

Some of the benefits of controlling your assets are: 

  • They’ll be in better condition – This is thanks to you having maintenance schedule reminders set up for all of your assets
  • You’ll have no more ghost assets – You’ll know which assets have been set to one side because they no longer work, allowing you to send them for repairs
  • Assigning assets is easy – You can do this at the touch of a button
  • You can track your assets – This can be done instantly 
  • It’s easy to export and print reports – Ensuring you know how everything is performing 
  • There’ll be more asset-related security It’s all thanks to you knowing where your assets are all of the time and who is using them. 


Using IT inventory management to its full advantage allows you to have more control over almost every aspect of each of your assets. This is why more and more people all over the world are now managing their IT inventory. Now it’s time for you to do the same. When you do, you will have the level of control you need over all of your IT assets. 


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