The Integration Of An Asset Register With Other Business Systems

The Integration Of An Asset Register With Other Business Systems

Many businesses already use business systems such as data tracking software and accounting tools. It’s likely that some stock control software may also be used, in addition to content management and/or project management software. However, one wonders if it may be possible to integrate all of your business systems with a hardware asset register. Let’s take a look and see if this is possible.

Can You Integrate Everything?

It is possible for you to integrate all of your business systems. If you are used to using many different types of systems, you may appreciate how hard it can be. Constantly logging into and out of different software can be laborious. However, there is a way to make things easier. 

When you integrate a hardware asset register with your other business systems, it makes a difference. Your new asset register could be compatible with your current business systems. For example, it could work with or alongside your chosen stock control system. There’s also a chance that it may work with your accounting software. 

Imagine, your new asset register could work so well that you only ever need to use that piece of software. Let’s take an even closer look at how this is possible.

Business Asset Tracking

Integrating Your Business Systems With Your Accounting Software

You trust your accounting software. You’ve used it for years and you know how it works. However, old accounting software may not be as secure or offer as many features as new software. This does not mean that you need to purchase new software. It means that you could use it alongside your new hardware asset register and benefit from it. This is because your asset register may allow you to export reports. These reports could be based on the data that your register has accumulated. 

Data such as this can be very useful. It can show you how each of your assets is being used. The data can also show you whether you have enough assets in one location or you need to send more. There is so much more data that your new hardware asset register can create. As a result, you could have a unique insight into how your business is performing. This insight can help you to understand whether you’re making the most of your business. It’s this that can make a real difference. 

When you can see how your assets are being used and you have that data next to your accounting data, magic can happen. Ok, so maybe no magic as such, but you could genuinely see how your business is performing. It’s this that can help you to tackle the areas of your business that are under-performing. 

You may also be able to see who your most reliable customers are. With this knowledge, you could begin a marketing campaign with them in mind. However, you may not be able to do this if you do not have the right data.

Integrating Your Business Systems With Your Location Tracking Software

If you currently use location tracking software, it’s likely that you know how valuable this type of tool is. Being able to track your assets can help you to keep them safe and secure. You can also see if your assets are in the right location. You may even be able to see which assets are on the move. 

When software helps you with your accounts and stock control, etc., it’s likely to also have location tracking abilities. This all depends on the software that you choose. However, some of the most modern software has this capability. As a result, you can simply log into the software and note where your assets are. You may even be able to see who is using your assets.

Integrating Your Business Systems With Your Maintenance Team

Some hardware asset register software comes with maintenance reminders. It’s these reminders that can help your assets to stay in a good condition. Once you have set reminders at your chosen intervals, your assets are more likely to be taken care of. Your maintenance team may be alerted when it’s time to take a look at all of your tablets, or some of your machines. 

As long as your maintenance team has access to your hardware asset register, they will receive alerts. They can see what needs to undergo maintenance and thereby begin the process. Repairs can be made, if necessary, and all of your assets can be in a better condition. The team can also receive an alert when you send a message about the photocopier breaking down, again. When the message is received, they can add the photocopier to the queue and get ready to repair it, again. 


As you can see, integrating everything is possible. All that you have to do is opt for some asset register software that offers you all of the above and more. As a result, your business could realistically be more organised and more productive than ever before. 


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