The Best Way To Manage Computer Inventory In 2023

The Best Way To Manage Computer Inventory In 2023

Managing computer inventory is not always as easy as it seems. These days, if you want to manage your inventory correctly you need to use reliable PC inventory software. This software replaces old and often insecure and error-ridden methods such as notebooks and spreadsheets.

Let’s then take a look at the best way for you to manage your computer inventory in 2023.

Add Your Assets To Your PC Inventory Software

Ideally, you have already found some PC inventory software that you think will work well. Software such as this should make it easy for you to add your assets. You can add as many assets as you wish. However, it’s advisable to add all of your PC-related equipment if possible. 

Did you know that you can group some or all of your PC assets, should you wish to? This can help with locating where assets are usually stored, for example. As soon as you have added your PC assets to the software, it’s time to add more information.

Business Asset Tracking

Include As Much Information About Each Asset As Possible

Some people like to add each asset to their inventory before they add information about each one. Others like to add the details as they go. Regardless of which method you choose, you could add some or all of the following information about each asset:

  • The name, model, and manufacturer
  • Year of purchase
  • Insurance and warranty information
  • Date of software licence renewal 
  • A photograph of the asset
  • The maintenance schedule 
  • Notes about the asset 
  • The estimated value of the asset
  • A link to the online instruction manual
  • And anything else you wish to add

When you add the above information to each asset’s digital profile you make things easier for your future self. For example, if you wanted to check the insurance information it’s easier to log into the inventory software and locate the details rather than trying to find them elsewhere.

Start Tracking Your Computer Inventory

Now it’s time for you to start tracking your computer inventory. Ideally, your chosen PC inventory software will let you track the location of your inventory. This can be perfect if you use laptops, for example, in a variety of locations. As we have already seen, gaining access to a lot of information about each asset can be handy. This is why it makes sense to track assets even if they’re always in the same place.

Improve Asset Security

One additional advantage of tracking your assets is the security it brings. Assets that sit in your office day after day are no doubt quite valuable. If you use PC inventory software that lets you track them, should they get stolen, locating them can be quite simple. 

Attaching an RFID tag or a barcode to each of your IT assets and scanning the code so a digital profile’s created help. It ensures that a specific barcode relates to a specific asset. Therefore, should the asset go missing, it’s more likely to be found if a tag or barcode is attached.

Use The Check-in Check-out Function

Does your team use tablets, for example, that are often used by other employees? If they do, using a check-in and check-out function can help with tracking. You can see who is using which tablet and when they checked it out. 

This function not only ensures that you can see who’s using what, it also helps to keep the tablets in good condition. Let’s imagine that you have checked out a tablet. Your name has been added to the system and management knows you are using that tablet. A result of this means that you’re more likely to look after the tablet and return it at the end of the day. Fewer tablets will go missing and more tablets will be in a better state of repair.

Export Reports

Some PC inventory software allows you to export reports. This is not something that is offered by every piece of inventory software. So, if exporting reports is important to you, it makes sense to use software that has this feature

Most inventory software that lets you export reports gathers a lot of data. This data is created each time someone uses the software. For example, data’s created whenever a tablet is checked out and back in again. With this information, you could see if you have enough tablets to go around. 

The data that’s created could help to provide you with a clear insight into how your PC inventory is managed. It can also help you to get a good insight as to how your business is running. With this information to hand, you could steer your business in the right direction. 

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The Best Way To Manage Computer Inventory

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