What Is IT Inventory Management?

IT inventory management is a way you can save your business time and money. Put shortly: it’s the discipline of tracking and managing your IT assets.

Overall, when you implement a great IT inventory management system, before long, you’ll start seeing:

  • Fewer lost assets
  • Less lost revenue
  • More time to spend on other responsibilities
  • More clarity over asset information
  • More control over your IT assets

So, what are you waiting for? If you implement an IT inventory management system now, you’ll start to see the effects in no time at all.



The Importance Of IT Asset Management

IT asset management software is essential for both growing and established businesses. With effective IT asset management software, you’ll be able to control the changes your IT assets go through, as well as view and edit information related to them.

This is more critical now than ever before, as IT assets are moving around more frequently. As people move back and forth between their home and their offices, it’s essential that you know who is in charge of what, and that all of your colleagues have everything they need to fulfil their duties.

Creating and managing an IT inventory helps your business save time and money, and also helps with accountability. Knowing everyone has everything they need also helps with morale and the effectiveness your business can work at.


How Does IT Asset Management Work?

How IT asset management works is simple. You’ll create digital, online profiles of your assets. So, you’ll have a digital profile for each laptop, where you’ll be able to add information such as purchase price and date.

Then, you’ll add QR code asset tags to the physical IT assets. This way, you’ll be able to link the digital profiles with their physical counterparts. All you have to do is scan the tag in to link it.

Tagging and Tracking with QR Code Asset Tags

When this is done, you’ll start saving time as all you need to do to retrieve an asset’s profile is scan the tag. Therefore, if an asset requires maintenance, all you’ll need to do is scan the tag and log this.

Also, every time a tag is scanned, the asset’s last seen location will update. Therefore, every time an IT asset undergoes a change, it will be logged with all of the information you’ll need to know.


Additional IT Inventory Management Features

The features IT inventory management provides you with allows you to gain full visibility over what your assets are doing.

For example, you’ll be able to assign your IT assets to colleagues, meaning you’ll be able to see in an instant who is in charge of what. 

You’ll also be able to log and manage locations and maintenance, meaning asset downtime is minimised, and your business can continue to run effectively.

All of this comes together in customisable and exportable reports, where you’ll be able to view your entire IT asset register. This helps you make better business-focused decisions.

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