How To Use Computer Asset Tracking Software To Save Your Business Money

Computer asset tracking software can save you time and money across the board. You’ll already have existing operations to track, manage, and account for your IT assets and fixed assets, and computer asset tracking software can automate this.

If you’re wondering about whether to jump to digital and ditch unwieldy and time-consuming spreadsheets, then computer asset tracking software is definitely the direction to head in.

The problem with spreadsheets is that every time asset data changes, a manual update is required. Not only does this take time, but it also opens up the potential for gaps in accountability.

Computer asset tracking software allows you to update asset information when you’re interacting with an asset, which ultimately saves you time and minimises any gaps.


benefitting from a computer asset management system


What Is Computer Asset Tracking Software?

Computer asset tracking software is an IT asset management system which allows you to create, view, and manage asset data with ease. Instead of manually recording changes, ready for later audits, computer asset tracking software allows you to run instant audits.

The way asset tracking software works is by allowing you to create digital profiles of all of your assets. The benefit is that you can tailor the software to your specific needs. Therefore, you can use asset tracking software to track computers, but you can also use it as a fixed asset management system.

Through some effective features, you’ll also be able to group these assets and run separate or combined reports on them. This way, you can track data related to your computers separate to your overall fixed asset register, or combined with it.

Then, you can use asset tags to link your physical computers with their digital profiles. Then, every time you scan an asset’s tag, the individual profile will open, ready for edits against that individual asset.

Tagging and Tracking with QR Code Asset Tags

How Does Asset Management Save Your Business Money?

Asset management software saves you money by speeding up your operations and by mitigating the risks of losing assets whenever they move.

Because of this, asset management is applicable to a wide range of situations. For example, if you’re working from home, asset management will still help you keep track of everything. 

Knowing what you own and what the status of your IT assets and fixed assets is crucial for so many reasons. Using effective asset tracking software helps you keep your records up to date and transparent.

By using asset tracking systems, you’ll ensure that your asset-related finances are accurate and up to date, your fixed asset register will streamline any insurance procedures, and you’ll mitigate the risk of losing or misplacing assets whenever they move.


The Best Computer Asset Tracking Software Features

Computer asset tracking software allows you to do a lot more than just log and track asset location. You’ll also be able to check your assets in and out and indicate who is responsible for which assets.

Maintenance, such as PAT test tracking and issues management, is much more effective with an asset management system, as you’ll be able to add maintenance information against the assets themselves and use the existing location data to rectify problems faster.

You’ll also be able to run reports on all of this information. So, if you’ve indicated that an asset belongs to one of your colleagues, you’ll be able to run a report to see all of the assets they’re responsible for. You’ll also be able to run maintenance and booking related reports with ease.

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