The Best Construction Tool Tracking App Features

To mitigate losses and keep a better eye on your tools and equipment, you’ll need a construction tool tracking app. Construction tool tracking apps automate a lot of your operations, as well as keep things clear and transparent when it comes to auditing your assets.

The best construction tool tracking apps will also link to a web portal that you’ll be able to manage, view, and export reports from. This can be your fixed asset register, IT asset register, or a list of assets that require maintenance, for example. 

As the changes will be cloud-based, every change in the app will also be reflected in this web portal.


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Construction Site Location Tracking

One of the fundamental features of asset tracking is location tracking. One of the best features a construction tool tracking app can provide is the ability to track locations in a number of ways.

First of all, using asset tags, you’ll be able to speed up last seen location tracking. With asset tags, you’ll be able to scan assets that you’ve logged into your construction tool tracking app. Every time you scan an asset’s tag, the last seen location will update, giving you a neat audit trail to view and manage.

Tagging and Tracking with QR Code Asset Tags

Sometimes, using last seen location tracking still creates gaps, and you’ll want to break down location tracking more. Or, if you’re auditing which assets are on site, you’ll want a faster way to do this.

So, the best construction tool tracking apps will allow you to create your own location hierarchies and audit assets in these locations. Therefore, if you want to see how many assets are in the warehouse, and which assets are accounted for, you’ll be able to run speedy audits in your app.

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Maintenance Tracking

You’ll also be able to track maintenance. Whether it’s routine maintenance or reactive maintenance, your construction tool tracking app should have the features to support this.

For reactive maintenance, you’ll be able to scan an asset’s tag in your app and report the issue. This issue will then be logged against the piece of equipment which requires maintenance, and your maintenance team will be notified.

You can also add an image to the reported issue so that it’s immediately clear what needs to be addressed. Then, when the maintenance has been carried out, you’ll be able to mark the issue as fixed and view all fixed issues in your app to see which assets require frequent maintenance.

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You’ll also be able to set repeating reminders for routine maintenance and calibrations. These reminders will notify you when it’s time to undertake the maintenance. Then, you’ll be able to dismiss the reminder for the same period.

So, if you need to audit an asset every three months, you’ll be able to set this up in your construction tool tracking app very quickly.


Bookings And Check In Check Out Functionality

Finally, you’ll be able to use your construction tool tracking app as equipment checkout software. Therefore, you’ll be able to book assets out to individuals, jobs, or companies.

As this functionality is customisable, you’ll be able to build your own procedures here with ease. Simply decide whether you want to see the individual an asset has been booked out to or the job and log it as so.

Then, in the web portal, you’ll be able to see a calendar view of all of your bookings and make decisions based on which assets are available for use and which aren’t.

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