tracking camera equipment with asset tracking system

Cameras are great devices. They capture how we see the world, can create beautiful videos to tell stories and can pick up on the smallest details unseen to the human eye.

If you’re a photographer, part of a production company, or if you love the craft, you’ll know how important cameras are, and you’ll know how much equipment a camera needs.

How do you track all of your camera equipment? How do you keep it safe? How do you know exactly what you need and when? The answer is a great asset tracking system.


Your Camera Equipment

Depending on what you’re using a camera for, you might need a wide range of different equipment to get the best shots.

Nature photographers will need camera equipment such as tripods or wide-angle lenses to make sure they’re capturing Earth’s beauty.

If you’re making documentaries, you might need a shotgun mic to capture your subjects while they tell their stories.

If it’s for action movies, you’ll need Steadicam rigs for the more serious scenes, and other rigs for when your characters burst into action.


Asset Tracking Systems

The best asset tracking system will allow you to group your assets so that you know exactly what you need.

Create collections so that all you need to do is have a quick look at your phone to see what camera equipment you need for a shoot.

Not needing to trawl through what you might need or bringing what you don’t will save you time and, therefore, money as your shoots will be organised faster and more meticulously.

With a great asset tracking system, you’ll also be able to book your camera equipment in and out, so you’ll know exactly what any B teams can use while you’re chasing other shots.


Asset Tracking in the Field

Whether you’re in the field or in a studio, an asset tracking system can help with your camera equipment. 

If you’re on location, a quick scan of a QR code asset tag can update where your kit is and who’s using it, ready for everyone in the system to see.

If you’re in a studio, the ability to check equipment in and out using an asset tracking system will help you see what else you can retrieve should you need to.


Track More With Asset Tracking Systems

So, you have your camera equipment tagged. All of the sound equipment is linked up so that you know what’s being used and by whom. Now what?

The best asset tracking system will allow you to track more and track it separately.

In fact, you’ll be able to use an asset tracking system to assist with every part of a shoot. The catering team can use it to track portable fridges and all their equipment. Editing teams can track their IT assets and make sure they’re at the cutting edge. You’ll even be able to track those impressive contracts you’re getting with Netflix.

With itemit’s asset tracking system, you’ll be able to do all of this and more. 

Create collections and workspaces to manage and track all of your assets separately. Use public profiles so that anyone can report damage or issues, whether it’s for lighting or your camera equipment. Use QR code asset tags to know where everything is and who has it. You can even book your equipment in and out, so you know exactly where everything is.

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