How Santa’s Elves Track Their Assets

How Santa’s Elves Track Their Assets

This Holiday season, you won’t find a better entrepreneur than Santa himself. With his team of elves, he’s managed to develop a global enterprise that’s famous for its world-class information management, spot-on customer support and impeccable service. 

Oh, and the robust logistics! Christmas presents are delivered just in time all over the world, and all to the right addresses. And Santa does it all with a big HO HO HO laugh! 

The earnest business owner is, no doubt, really impressed observing such effortless and professional operations management. How does he manage it all? 

Here are some business tips from Santa. These are nice to have, but he’s kept his most valuable practises secret. He won’t tell you even if you ask him!

Psst! We know them…

How Santa's Elves Track Their Assets

What’s the Secret to Santa’s Unmatched Management?

As we know, Santa’s not a one-man show. He’s got his team of elves that help him manage everything from receiving letters from all over the world, sourcing and building presents and delivering them on Christman eve. So, how does he manage to keep his business operations going smoothly at such a vast scale? 

Here’s the big reveal: All of this is made possible with itemit’s asset tracking software!

Santa and his elves have to deal with billions of presents every Christmas! With so many presents that have to be delivered to so many locations all over the globe, things can get hectic. There’s no other way Santa and company could make sure each present goes under the right Christmas tree if they didn’t have itemit.

How Do Santa and His Elves Use Asset Tracking Software?

It all begins when you write a letter to Santa about what you want for your Christmas present and post it over to the North Pole. As soon as the elves at the North Pole post office get your letter, they arrange your present and prepare it for delivery.

The elves use an asset tag to tag your present and set up an asset profile in the itemit app. This way all the other elves and Santa are notified that your present is ready to be packed and loaded onto Santa’s sleigh.

Christmas Present Visual Verification

The itemit app also has an option to add images. The elves take a picture and upload it to the asset profile so that Santa can check if they got the right present for you. This way Santa doesn’t have to leave his warm office and can see each present right from his mobile phone or web portal. 

Yeah, Santa uses all that tech. How else do you expect him to run such agile operations!?

Packing Up Presents

Once approved, your present moves to the next phase where it’s all packed up so it’s ready to deliver. As soon as your asset is packed, the elves scan your present’s asset tag to reach its asset profile and move it to the ‘packed and ready for loading’ category.

How Santa's Elves Track Their Assets

Loading Presents with Asset Tracking Software

When the elves in the logistics department see that a present is ready for loading, they pick it up and load it on. They never forget to scan it once again so they can update the asset profile and move it to the ‘loaded presents’ list. 

With itemit, Santa has a clear overview of each phase. He can track your present right from the moment the elves bought it to when it was loaded onto his sleigh. Asset tracking software allows the elves to make sure no present goes missing or unreported all this time. But not just that, asset tracking has a crucial role to play when Santa is finally delivering presents.

Present Delivery 

So how does Santa remember all those addresses? How does he know which present goes where? Especially with everything packed up, there’s no way of differentiating one box from another! 

Santa tracks his assets, or presents, with itemit, and that helps him deliver the right present to the right address. As he flies on his sleigh, he scans your present with the itemit app and finds the asset profile. The elves have already recorded your address and all the other details he needs in the asset profile. And that is how Santa is able to deliver so many presents all over the world and get it perfect every time!

Try itemit For Yourself

If you want your business to become as legendary as Santa’s, you’ve got to have itemit by your side. Its asset tracking software solution leads the industry with its extreme scalability. 

Just like Santa can share it with his elves for seamless collaboration, you can too! Your team members can view, add and monitor assets from wherever they are. itemit can help every department and can be used as a fixed asset register, for equipment tracking or high-value collection audits too!

To find more about how itemit can help you and your team of hardworking elves, reach out to our team at Or fill in the form below to start your free 14-day trial.

Santa’s Secret To Asset Tracking 

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