How Pre-emptive Maintenance Reduces Equipment Downtime

How Pre-emptive Maintenance Reduces Equipment Downtime

Pre-emptive maintenance is a necessary process to ensure that your assets are running smoothly. Without pre-emptive maintenance, you can run into many issues, including asset downtime and missed deadlines.

Therefore, you need a way to track important asset dates and set reminders for maintenance. Overall, you need visibility over how your assets are behaving to ensure that they continue to run smoothly.

Why You Need Construction Equipment Asset Management Tools

What Is Pre-Emptive Maintenance?

Pre-emptive maintenance is planned maintenance to keep your assets running smoothly. Instead of reactive maintenance, pre-emptive maintenance is carried out at regular intervals to mitigate the need for reactive maintenance.

Therefore, calibrations and equipment checks are pre-emptive maintenance. These processes are critical as your assets are critical, and so ensuring that they don’t break when you need them the most is essential.

Pre-emptive maintenance is helpful for healthcare asset management and construction equipment tracking, among other areas. This is as a broken bit of kit can change everything.

How Pre-Emptive Maintenance Saves You Money

When you use a system that tracks pre-emptive maintenance, you save money in multiple areas. This is as you’re not only avoiding the worst-case scenario, but you’re mitigating every scenario in between best and worst.

The fact that you’re using a system saves you time, too, and time is precious. If you spend less time monitoring which equipment needs to be addressed and have a system that handles that for you, you can spend more time doing the other things that matter.

You also save time and money as your system will be built to do more. Not only will you be able to use asset tracking software to track pre-emptive maintenance, but you’ll also be able to use it to monitor asset data and automate other operations.

So, you’ll get one system that shows you where assets are, how they’re behaving, who is using them, and how much they cost, giving you all the information you need to know about your assets.

Tracking Pre-Emptive Maintenance

Tracking pre-emptive maintenance with asset tracking software is simple. You can set repeating reminders that notify you every time pre-emptive or routine maintenance is required.

Then, you’ll be able to record the checks and ensure that everything is up to par. This way, you get a full record of the details and can further mitigate any issues before they occur.

When it’s time for assets to undergo maintenance, you can use the integrated equipment checkout system to mark the assets as unavailable, which is visible for all of your colleagues.

All of this comes together in a powerful reporting system where you can export any and all changes and send them on to any relevant parties, keeping everything transparent, clear, and up to date.

Using Asset Tracking Software

When you use asset tracking software, you get many more benefits than the ability to track pre-emptive maintenance. Automation is a lot more simple through the use of asset tags, for example, where you can simply scan a tag to update an asset’s location and edit its profile.

Overall, asset tracking software gives you the ability to add any critical information to an asset, track its usage history, and track the locations it has been in, among other things.

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