How Does Equipment Management Software Work?

How Does Equipment Management Software Work?

Equipment management software saves you time and money. If you’re not using equipment management software, you’ll have a lot of sparse operations that you may not know can be combined into a single system.

Equipment location tracking, depreciation tracking, fixed asset management, IT asset management, insurance auditing operations, issues management, and check in check out capabilities can all be combined into one effective asset tracking software.

Overall, this will:

  • Save you time
  • Save you money
  • Allow you to lose fewer assets
  • Reduce asset downtime due to maintenance
  • Track finances
  • Track expenses
  • Maintain an automated, effective, and accurate fixed asset register.
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What Is Equipment Management Software?

Equipment management software is a system that allows you to log unique assets and equipment. These assets will get a unique profile on your system, meaning that you can add an assets’ unique data against this.

So, for example, each of your laptops, spanners, toolboxes, and heavy equipment can have their own individual profile. What this means is that if any of these assets have an issue, your maintenance team will know which asset is faulty and where it is.

Then, you can use QR code asset tags and an integrated asset tracking app to streamline your operations further. As your equipment management system will be cloud-based, any edits you make on your asset tracking app are automatically updated across the board.

How You Can Use Equipment Management Software

Equipment management software can be tailored to your business’ needs. This means that, as long as you have assets, you can track them in a variety of different ways.

So, your business may or may not hire out equipment regularly. If it does, you’ll be able to use your asset tracking system as effective check in check out software. If it doesn’t, you’ll be able to use the functionality in a different way.

If you need to track maintenance, you’ll be able to use speedy issues management, reminders, and issue reporting features to reduce asset downtime and improve visibility over what needs to be fixed.

Either way, your business will need an accurate fixed asset register simply to view what you own, what can be used, and what needs to be replaced. This fixed asset register helps with financial and tax operations, too, as it mitigates the risk of ghost and zombie assets.

Using itemit As Your Asset Tracking Software

itemit’s asset tracking software has grown from customer feedback. So, while the core functionality of scanning tags to update last seen locations and the automated maintenance of a fixed asset register is still there, many of the features exist because our customers needed them.

What this means is that no matter what you’re tracking or how you’re tracking it, itemit will be able to help. We work with charities, Churches, theatres, government organisations, construction companies, hospitals, restoration and remediation companies, and many many more.

To find out how itemit’s asset tracking software can help your business manage its equipment better, you’ll be able to contact the team at You can also fill in the form below to start your 14-day free trial and see the benefits for yourself!

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