Track High Value Assets With RFID Tags

Track High Value Assets With RFID Tags

Many businesses and people invest in high value assets that they naturally wish to keep safe. However, this can be a lot easier said than done. Many high value assets are shown in art galleries and museums, others are kept on business premises or even in private homes. Tracking your high value assets so you know where they are all of the time is imperative. This is where using a reliable RFID tracking tool can help. A tool such as this can help you to secure, manage, categorise, and locate your assets. In addition to this, you can keep a record of the value of your assets and their insurance and warranty information.

What RFID Tracking Is

Short for “Radio frequency identification”, RFID tracking uses radio frequencies to broadcast an asset’s location. However, it can only do this if it is affixed to the asset. When it is, you don’t even have to be able to see your high value asset in order to scan it. You can simply use your new RFID tracking tool and pick up the asset’s information directly. Regardless of where you work or live, or what your high value assets are, using RFID tracking can make a world of difference.

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How You Can Track High Value Assets

To track your assets using an RFID tracking tool, all that you need to do is to affix an RFID tag to each asset. You can take a photo of your assets and upload them to each asset’s profile. In addition to this, you can add a lot of details about your assets to their profiles. This will ensure that you have better and easier asset identification. It also ensures that you can check every profile, should you need to, and make changes as and when they’re required. 

Each time you use your RFID reader, you’ll be able to locate your assets easily. You can see who is using, repairing, or transporting your assets. You can even see a lot of historical data that is automatically created when you start using your high value assets once they have been tagged. Data such as this can prove to be quite useful. It will allow you to see how your assets are used all day, every day.

Using Active OR Passive Tags

When it comes to using RFID tags, you may be given a choice between two types. These are active tabs and passive tabs. An active tab contains a very small battery which helps to power it at all times. A passive tab contains no battery whatsoever. From a commercial point of view, it makes more sense to use a passive tag as they are cheaper to use. They’re also quite small, and they have a longer life. 

If you want your RFID tags to emit data over a long range, active tags are the optimum choice. However, this is not usually necessary in a commercial or domestic setting. Active tags can also prove to be quite inconvenient as the batteries will need changing from time to time. You’ll also need to order and purchase replacement tags when the batteries run out. So, it makes a lot more sense to use passive tags that use no batteries and last a very long time. 

When you choose an RFID tracking tool, make sure to opt for one that works with passive tags. The good news is that most of them do, ensuring that you can start using a tag right away.

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The Benefits Associated With Using An RFID Tracking Tool

There are many benefits associated with using an RFID tracking tool. Below, you will find details of just some of the benefits:

  • Asset register creation is easy – Simply affix an RFID tag to an asset, scan it and your asset register will be created
  • Saves time – You can find your assets in seconds
  • Saves money – Assets can be maintained using the reminder function, helping you to spend less replacing damaged assets
  • Operations can be automated – Wish to automate orders when stocks are low? The software can place the orders for you so you can get on with other tasks
  • Improves data accuracy – Your asset register will automatically create and save data that you can export. A result of this means you can have accurate data that could be useful to your business
  • Tracking your assets is simple – As soon as you affix an RFID tag to an asset it is automatically tracked.
  • Managing your inventory is easier than ever – You can see exactly what’s in your inventory at all times. Acquired new assets? Adding them to your inventory is easy.

There are many benefits associated with using RFID tags to help you track your high value assets. Now it’s time for you to make tracking your high value assets even easier so you have peace of mind. 


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