Why Use Hardware Asset Management Software?

Why Use Hardware Asset Management Software?

Hardware asset management software is an essential tool when you’re working in a business. Tracking and managing your hardware assets means that you’ll lose fewer bits and pieces and purchase fewer duplicates, among other things.

With the best hardware asset management software, you’ll be able to gain more clarity over which assets you own, where they are, and who is responsible for them. You can even extend your processes into more general IT asset management operations, including software asset management.

How Does Hardware Asset Management Help Working From Home?

What Are Hardware Assets?

Hardware assets are physical assets that have IT qualities. Therefore, hardware asset management is under the umbrella of IT asset management. 

Therefore, your hardware assets will be your laptops, your phones, your desktops, and so on. 

With this, it quickly becomes clear that tracking and managing these assets is critical as, not only are they expensive, they are what allows your colleagues to fulfil their duties successfully.

Without hardware asset management operations in place, you can slow down general procedures as planning may be affected, onboarding processes will take longer as you’ll have less visibility, and you’ll be more likely to lose, misplace, and purchase duplicate assets.

The Benefits Of Hardware Asset Management Software

Hardware asset management software gives you more visibility and control over your laptops, desktops, and other bits of hardware. It is effectively an asset tracking software.

This means that you will be able to log your assets onto a system and then add unique data to them, including check in check out data and location information.

One feature that is incredibly helpful when it comes to hardware asset management is the assignee feature. This allows you to log who is responsible for which of your hardware assets. When you’re onboarding, you can simply filter out the assigned assets and create a work pack for your new starters.

Instantly, hardware asset management software saves you time, which indirectly saves you money. However, you also save money from the visibility you gain. As you’re adding unique assets and unique data, you can use this data to run and export effective, accurate, and helpful reports.

Scaling To IT Asset Management And Fixed Asset Management

Why stop at hardware asset management? The more assets you track, the more return on investment you get. If you think about it like this: without asset tracking software, it takes 10 minutes to report an issue on an asset. With asset tracking software, it takes 1 minute. If you have 100 assets with issues, you’ve saved 900 minutes, and that’s just using a single feature!

Asset management software can be tailored as you’ll be able to track your assets in many different ways. Therefore, you’ll be able to use your software as IT asset management software, fixed asset management software, and tools and equipment tracking software.

Scaling your asset tracking software is simple as you can group your assets by type and track them in different ways. So, you can track the depreciation of certain, relevant assets without this being required for every asset.

Using Asset Management Software In Your Business

When you use asset management software in your business, you save time and money. The ability to run reports on your assets and export them speeds along tax and insurance operations among other things.

As you get more visibility and proof of what you own, you also increase accountability over your assets and can prevent issues, such as duplicate purchases, lost assets, and communication errors with your colleagues.

Admin time is reduced whenever an asset is involved, as all the information you need to know is there, transparent and accessible, making your life easier.

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