The Benefits of Hands-Free Equipment Maintenance Tracking

As we come out of lockdown, a lot has changed with how we work. From offices to construction sites, social distancing and hygiene have overtaken many operations. This affects maintenance and reporting issues with assets, as a hands-free approach is necessary. This is where hands-free equipment maintenance tracking comes in.

Hands-free equipment maintenance tracking allows you to report issues and upload images of asset damage without physically interacting with the asset. It’s streamlined, meaning no emailing is required, creating a fast way to identify and issue and then raise it with your maintenance staff.


What is Equipment Maintenance Tracking?

Equipment maintenance tracking is a set of processes to help you monitor, log, and track maintenance related to your equipment.

You’ll be able to use an asset management system to do so, and you can track any different type of maintenance.


Preventative Maintenance

A bespoke reminders system allows you to log when preventative or routine maintenance is due. For example, you can add when PAT tests for your assets are due.

Reminders can repeat, meaning you only need to add the necessary dates once, before setting it to repeat. Then, you’ll simply get notified when it’s time to undertake the maintenance.

Using Reminders for Equipment Maintenance Tracking

Reactive Maintenance

Asset tracking software will also allow for effective reactive maintenance, where the main aim is to minimise asset downtime when maintenance is required.

An issues management system will allow you to scan an asset’s tag and report an issue. If you’re using itemit’s asset tracking system, you’ll be able to report issues without using the app. Simply scan the QR code asset tag with your phone’s camera and open the URL to report the issue.

This then gets added to your issues management system, as if you’d logged the issue using the app.

issues management software

How Does Hands-Free Equipment Maintenance Tracking Help?

Being able to report issues hands-free allows you to minimise the interactions required with an asset. 

Using a quick and streamlined system whereby an issue is logged against an individual asset allows for greater peace of mind when interactions are necessary. Your facilities management teams can plan their work more effectively and therefore, protect themselves while undertaking the work.

As most offices are not operating at full capacity, there’s a higher chance that issues may go unreported, too. An easy system which doesn’t involve emailing encourages tenants or colleagues to report issues, meaning your company can still work as effectively as possible in the absence of more people.

Asset Tagging and Tracking

These systems are simple thanks to the integration of QR code, barcodes, and RFID tags. 

Asset tracking software allows you to create digital versions of your assets, meaning you can interact with their information online and in one system. Instead of having to share pens and paper or sheets of maintenance information, you’ll be able to do it all online.

This works because of asset tagging. With an asset tag, all you need to do is scan the tag in your asset tracking software to log any asset changes, such as changes in location and any maintenance information.

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