Freshservice Alternative: itemit’s IT Asset Management Software

Freshservice Alternative: itemit’s IT Asset Management Software

itemit’s IT asset management software gives you a different set of features from Freshservice. Therefore, while you’re researching what’s best for your business, it’s good to consider the differences.

For example, itemit’s IT asset management software isn’t a service desk and is very tailored towards assets, tracking, and user management. So, if you’re wondering which is best for you, it’s best to get to know your needs so that you can choose the right system.

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What To Look For When You’re Looking At IT Asset Management

So, if you’re looking for an IT asset management system, what should you be looking for? The answer is, quite simply, it depends. This will inform whether you’re primarily looking for a service desk or an asset tracking system.

If you want to optimise productivity and efficiency, you can use either type of system. However, if you’re specifically looking for a better ticket management system, a service desk will be much better.

Conversely, if you’re looking at asset tracking specifically, an IT asset management system will be better. Fundamentally, the functionality of the two systems will overlap but each will have more of a focus on its niche.

Asset tracking will have a focus on asset data, asset usage and asset information more than tickets related to your assets.

IT Asset Tracking Features

Primarily, one of the most helpful IT asset tracking features is the ability to assign assets to your colleagues. This way, should a colleague hand in their notice, finding which assets they’re in charge of is a simple case of running a report.

Knowing who is using what is essential, which is why there are a tonne of accountability based and focussed features in IT asset management software such as itemit.

For example, you’ll be able to use asset tags to speed up your operations greatly. When you use asset tags, retrieving asset information is a simple case of scanning a QR code or barcode. Then, you can view who is responsible for the asset you’ve found.

Every time you scan the tags, too, the asset’s last seen location will update and the user who scanned the tag is logged, giving you a neat audit trail of where assets have been and who has been interacting with them.

itemit’s IT Asset Management Software

itemit’s IT asset management software does allow you to report issues against your IT assets but it’s by no means a service desk. The benefits will overlap with Freshservice, but they’ll be achieved in a different way.

For example, with both systems, you can improve productivity, generate a return on investment and increase accountability over your IT assets. It’s simply the case that you will ease out these returns in different ways and in different areas.

itemit allows you to really get into the asset tracking flow using an intelligent app, meaning you can make updates to asset data at any moment, onsite.

Freshservice allows you to optimise your servicing and productivity with an effective profile view. There’s no reason why you can’t couple the systems, too, and optimise in different areas.

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