Practical Uses For Your Fixed Asset Register

Your fixed asset register can be used for many different things. An accurate, up to date and automated fixed asset register can save you a lot of time and money

Knowing all of the assets your business owns, as well as data related to them, is essential in keeping up to date with finances, insurance information, and maintenance dates.

You’ll be able to use your fixed asset register to keep an eye on all of this and more!


Clearer Fixed Asset Management

When you use fixed asset management software, your fixed asset register will update automatically with every interaction.

So, by using fixed asset tagging you’ll be able to log all of your interactions with assets automatically and in real-time. For example, if you notice an asset has an issue, you’ll be able to scan the asset’s tag and report the fault.

All of these changes will update on your asset register when you make them, giving you a clear and transparent view of all the information you need to know.

In this case, you’ll be able to reduce asset downtime by keeping on top of your maintenance in a simple and streamlined way.

Overall, you can use your asset register to keep an eye on the condition of your assets and track their locations, allowing you to trace any issues to a specific interaction and rectify any faults with much greater ease.


Better Asset Audits

As you can have all the data you need logged against assets, you can audit with your asset tracking system with much greater ease. 

If you need to see where assets were last seen, who your fixed assets have been assigned to, or track depreciation information, you’ll be able to filter, manage, and export your fixed asset register.

An automated fixed asset register ensures that there aren’t any gaps, meaning that your audits are accurate and reliable. Therefore, you can use your fixed asset register for your financial and insurance-related operations.

As asset audits are more accurate with fixed asset tracking software, there’s a much smaller chance that any ghost assets or zombie assets will exist on your fixed asset register, ensuring you get accurate tax breaks after submitting your business’ asset-related expenses.


Speed Up Existing Operations

All of this means that you can use your fixed asset register to improve and speed up your existing operations. 

The best use of your fixed asset register, therefore, is to save time and money by implementing effective, streamlined, and automated processes.

Fixed asset register software is built to supersede spreadsheets, too, meaning that you don’t need much manual input to keep your asset register accurate, up to date, and usable for any of the above purposes

When you save time, you save money, too. With a cloud-based fixed asset management system, you can save more time by allowing your colleagues to audit and update asset information. You can even add permissions and restrictions on what they can and can’t see or do.

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