How Using A Computer Asset Management System Saves You Money


A computer asset management system will save you money. The additional accountability and control you get over your assets allow you to make clearer business decisions.

With a computer asset management system, you’ll be able to keep a clear view of all of the assets you own and make decisions based on purchases, asset movements, and asset usage.

As you’ll be able to log your computers and add data related to them, you’ll be able to track issues with your assets and create a robust IT asset register.


How Does A Computer Asset Management System Work?

A computer asset management system works by letting you log unique assets onto an asset tracking software. These assets will be in the form of digital profiles.

In other words, your physical computers will get digital copies. On these copies, you’ll be able to add important dates and information such as maintenance dates, PAT test dates, purchase prices, and depreciation information.

As you can log unique assets, you can be more granular than if you were tracking inventory. Therefore, you can track specific maintenance and location data of a singular asset, rather than this getting lost in an unwieldy spreadsheet or in the midst of inventory management data.


Using Asset Tags With Your Computer Asset Management System

You’ll be able to use customisable asset tags with your computers to further improve your asset management operations. Asset tags speed up any changes to data or information within your computer asset management system.

When you’ve stuck your asset tag, likely a QR code, onto your computer, you’ll be able to link it to your asset management system. Then, whenever you scan an asset’s tag using your asset tracking system, the corresponding asset profile will open.

This way, in practice, if you see an asset with a fault, all you need to do is scan the asset’s tag and report the issue.


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Also, for better IT asset management, whenever you scan an asset’s tag, the asset’s last seen location will also update. Therefore, if you’re scaling your computer asset management system to track laptops, phones, and other IT assets, you’ll be able to track their locations, too.

How A Computer Asset Management System Saves You Money

All of this functionality saves you money by giving you more clarity and control and by saving you time on your asset register. Now, your IT assets can be logged automatically and managed as you go.

Instead of using a spreadsheet, you get an automated system which allows you to transfer many of your existing operations, meaning you save time, too. This additional accountability means that you lose fewer assets as well, meaning you reduce downtime and purchases.

Also, having a robust fixed asset register speeds up many of your auditing processes, streamlining many financial and insurance operations, overall giving you a high ROI.

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