How Equipment Management Saves Your Business Time And Money

How Equipment Management Saves Your Business Time And Money

Equipment management allows you to keep an eye on what you own, where it is, how it is being used and by. This is critical information when you’re working in a business as you can mitigate many risks including:

  • Asset losses
  • Duplicate purchases
  • Asset misuse
  • A lack of accountability

This immediately starts saving you money, as things that would otherwise be written off your records can now be accounted for, giving you more accuracy and control.

Why You Need Construction Equipment Asset Management Tools

How Does Asset Tracking Software Work?

Asset tracking software is a system where you can log your business’ critical tools and equipment. Therefore, each bit of equipment that you own will have its own unique profile that you can add data and tracking information against.

So, if you need to track the depreciation of a certain asset, you can add this information and your asset tracking software will make the calculations for you. Or, if you need to track where your assets are, you will be able to do this too with a range of different location tracking capabilities. 

The most helpful thing about asset tracking software is that you get an app and a web interface. This means that you can manage your equipment onsite with your smartphone and run reports on the data you have collected later.

Using Asset Tags For Equipment Management

Asset tags can save you a lot of time, too. As a lot of your tracking will be onsite with a smartphone app, having a handy, physical tag can help you speed things along further.

Equipment asset tags work as they contain unique codes, so you will be able to link the codes with an asset’s digital profile by sticking it to your asset and scanning it.

Every time you scan your equipment’s tags, the relevant profile will open ready for edits and the last seen location and the user who scanned the tag will both be logged automatically.

This means that if you need to report issues against your equipment, all you need to do is scan an asset’s tag and hit “report issue”. The main benefits of asset tags are that they speed up auditing and bulk actions while also giving you more accuracy as you can interact directly with an asset.

How Equipment Management Saves You Time And Money

Efficiencies, automation, and speed improvements will always save you money as they give you and your employees more time to fulfil other critical duties.

However, with equipment management, your ROI extends further. This is as you get more accuracy, transparency, visibility and control over all of your tools and equipment.

With an accurate fixed asset register and other records, you avoid the risk of ghost and zombie assets which can cause fines or inaccurate tax breaks. Then, with more accurate auditing, you have more visibility over which assets are where and who has access to them, helping you prevent issues before they occur.

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