asset monitoring at festivals

Asset monitoring can help any business keep track of where their fixed assets are and who has them. With fixed asset registers and qr code and rfid asset tags readily available, asset tracking is now simple with the right asset management software.

What about when it’s not just your assets that need to be tracked? When you’re responsible for a lot of hired out equipment, security, people power and tools, what kind of asset tracking system can you employ to make sure your assets are taking centre stage, but everyone else’s is still doing its job?

Picture your festival. It’s finally Summer and there (hopefully) isn’t a cloud in the sky. Either you’re the one running the show, seeing the hired out security vans and wanting to pet the sniffer dogs but knowing you’re not supposed to. Or, you’ve been hired to go to this festival to maybe distribute food or keep everything secure.

When everyone comes down from their tents in the morning ready for a day of music, dancing, and screaming their hearts out, either way you want to make sure your assets are easily identifiable, easily distinguishable, and easily found.

With asset monitoring software and equipment tracking using a simple and effective asset app, this is easy.


Setting the stage

First of all let’s talk about stage assets, amps, speakers, lighting, smoke effects, the works. There are so many different types and different amounts of equipment and this is where asset tracking software comes in.


Musical asset monitoring

For the warm up bands you might have a few generic drum kits and guitars. It’s quicker and easier that way. When it’s time to pack everything up you don’t want to accidentally take home Def Leopard’s drumkit for any number of reasons.

So, a quick and easy equipment tracking system is needed. Luckily, you can start using our equipment tracking software free, which means you can quickly and easily start tagging and tracking.

If you’re in the UK especially, the tags will need to be sturdy and waterproof. Y Not has famously bad weather, as does Glastonbury. Luckily, we can quickly ship you metal qr code tags. This means if things get a little wild and guitars are smashed, the qr code tags will still be intact.

Schlepping things on and off the stage is simple with asset tracking. Whether you’re using qr codes, rfid tags, or barcodes, asset tracking software will mean all it takes is a quick scan to double check what’s yours is yours.

Qr code asset tags can also be as durable as you need, meaning that qr code asset tracking is safe, easy, and sturdy. Waterproof asset tags mean that all you have to worry about is whether your wellies will fit.


Electrical asset monitoring

As well as this you’ll need an asset tracking solution for all of your electrical assets. With our simple and easy to use equipment maintenance tracking app, you can add a variety of important maintenance and inspection information.

If there’s any risk or anything that needs to be tracked related to wiring, lighting, camera equipment, or anything electrical, it can be logged and tracked. As well as this, reminders for dates of PAT tests and successes and failures can be added.

Electrical equipment tracking is easy with simple mobile asset tracking software, and you can do it on the go. Something breaks? Flag it up and an engineer can see instantly and fix it in no time.

Manuals can also be added as an attachment, as well as previous maintenance information meaning that fixing things can be a breeze.


We are the Volunteers

You’ll have a lot of volunteers. Anything to bag a cheaper ticket, even if it involves picking up litter or disposing of discarded or broken tents. Maybe some life long friendships will even be formed in the process.

These volunteers will require a lot of assets. High visibility jackets, gloves, rubbish bins. There’s always going to be a few that lose their jackets and then end up finding them again, so, why not track everything to speed up the process?

Instead of a volunteer having to sheepishly find their team leader and ask for a new one with rosy cheeks, the status of a lost asset can be flagged and rectified in no time at all with a good asset tracking system.

Different permissions can also be granted to users, so communal assets can be controlled by one person who can distribute it to a team that’s under control and ready to clean, before they listen to the music of course.

You can even track the stock of assets that you’re distributing to volunteers, such as food or water.


Safety third

Whether you’re part of the security firm patrolling the event, or if you’re organising it, there’s going to be a lot of health and safety to abide by to make sure all of your festival-goers are kept safe.

Not only will there be security assets to track, such as walkie talkies or little stab vests for the sniffer dogs, there’ll also be a lot of health and safety regarding bar tents, rides, features, etc.

With simple asset monitoring software, you can track exactly where everything is and who has it. This means if you’re patrolling the field you’ll never be without a walkie talkie or some safety equipment.

Track where everything is and who has it with simple rfid or qr code asset tracking.

As well as this, your larger, more thrilling assets need to be kept safe. The same principle as electrical assets applies here, as you can add important maintenance and inspection information to make sure everything is running well, but more importantly, running safely.


Asset monitoring the rest…

With itemit it’s simple to track and monitor your assets. There are a few more things to track (yes, portaloos), but as the asset app is flexible and customisable it’s quick and easy.

Add information such as when things need to be cleaned, when things get put up such as glamping tents, when things are getting taken down, how much things cost and when their warranties end so you know how many years you can reuse them for.

When there are a lot of assets, asset monitoring is a must, especially if there’s a mix of assets and you need to keep your own close to you. Asset monitoring can therefore help you put on a show and give the people what they want: loud music and a lot of dancing.

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