Tool Tracking Tips: Optimise your operations with a construction tool tracking app

When it comes to construction, minimising operational costs, speeding up your processes, and ensuring deadlines are met is essential. What if you could do all of this with one system? This is where a construction tool tracking app comes in.

With a construction tool tracking app, you’ll be able to:

  • Save time
  • Minimise operational costs
  • Speed up operations
  • Lose fewer assets
  • Gain more accountability
  • And more!

How? By logging, monitoring, and controlling your tools in one, streamlined, easy-to-use system.


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What is a Construction Tool Tracking App?

A construction tool tracking app is a cloud-based asset management system. This means you can have an app on your phone which is linked to a web portal, allowing you to see any and all changes to your assets from anywhere.

It works by logging your tools, adding information, and tracking them with asset tags. In essence, you’ll be creating unique profiles for your assets. This means that any changes in status, usability, or location will be logged against the asset itself, ready for quick viewing, editing, or monitoring.

The asset tags, whether they’re QR codes, barcodes, or RFID tags, will allow you to view an asset’s information, by linking the physical asset to it’s digital, in-app profile. All you need to do is scan the tag to view, edit, and update asset information.

So, if you want to use your construction tool tracking app to monitor maintenance, you’ll be able to do so. All you need to do is scan the asset’s tag, then add an issue in the asset’s profile. This issue will be visible to your maintenance team, who can organise and prioritise their maintenance using this system.

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How Construction Equipment Asset Management Helps

An asset tracking system gives you full visibility and control over your assets. Gaps occur and money and time are lost when you can’t see necessary data in one system, and you have to search for it.

Construction equipment asset management gives you a system where you can see everything you need related to your tools. For example, location tracking is possible thanks to asset tagging, meaning asset retrieval times are minimised.

You’ll be able to track maintenance, costs, expenses, repairs, routine maintenance, and more, all in one place, against specific assets. This means that you can see which assets need to be replaced and when, simplifying your asset lifecycle management processes.


Using Reporting With your Construction Tool Tracking App

Your construction tool tracking app will speed up, simplify, and automate your processes. All of the data you collect on-the-go will update across your asset management system in real-time.

What this means is that every scan of an asset’s tag is instantly recorded in your web portal, too, meaning you’ll be able to view this change and see which assets are on-site and have been seen and used.

You’ll collect data against unique assets, including maintenance, cost, and location information. This data can be brought together in an online reporting feature.

With reports, you’ll be able to see all of the maintenance assets have undergone in a given time. All of the movements assets have been through will also be visible, as well as any other financial changes.

Saving and Exporting Asset Tracking Reports

Reports are where you view all of this data in one place, ready for exporting, and usable to make clearer, more transparent, better-informed business decisions.

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