How to Use Small Tool Tracking Software for Construction Equipment Tracking

Using small tool tracking software can help prevent many of the problems your construction company may be facing. For example, if you’re experiencing a lot of theft, small tool tracking software can help you view where your equipment has been and where it is.

Leveraging small tool tracking software to improve your construction equipment tracking can help save you time and money, as well as giving you more control over financial information related to your assets. You’ll be able to create an exportable fixed asset register, which you can use to make better informed business-related decisions.

To find out more about fixed asset registers, you can read our blog about how to create a fixed asset register.


Why you Need Construction Equipment Tracking

Tracking construction equipment is essential. There are a lot of industry-specific problems that arise, such as theft, asset loss, and a lack of visibility over assets.

Not only can construction equipment tracking benefit you by showing you which assets you own and where they are, but it will also improve certain areas of your operations.

For example, with construction equipment tracking, you’ll be able to find and retrieve tools faster for use. So, if you find yourself looking for that tool for too long, having a system for construction equipment tracking can prevent this.

Overall, construction equipment tracking speeds up your operations and saves you money while you’re doing so. Therefore, not only are you making more money by delivering projects further behind a deadline, but you’re also saving it with the additional accountability construction equipment tracking provides.


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How Small Tool Tracking Software Can Help With Construction Equipment Tracking

Small tool tracking software gives you simple, streamlined functionality which makes the above a lot more effective.

Using small tool tracking software means that the process of retrieving assets faster and losing fewer is more automated than it would be if you were using a spreadsheet. 

Spreadsheets require a lot of manual input and a lot of time to keep them up to date, and even then it’s unlikely these spreadsheets will remain up to date.

With small tool tracking software, however, many of your construction equipment tracking processes are automated within a cloud-based system which updates in real-time.

You’ll be able to use asset tagging to track the location of equipment. QR codes, barcodes, and RFID asset tags can help you create an asset history of locations. This can show you which assets have gone missing, which have been received on-site, and which are currently in use.

You can also use GPS tracking to see where assets are in real-time, meaning that if an asset gets stolen, you’ll still be able to retrieve it.


Additional Small Tool Tracking Software Features

There are many other features small tool tracking software provides you with for your construction equipment tracking. 

For example, you’ll be able to track maintenance with reminders and issues management and subsequently minimise asset downtime. You’ll also be able to supplement this and show who is using what and when with bespoke bookings and equipment checkout features.

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