3 key reasons your construction business must start equipment maintenance tracking today

If you’re not already doing so, your construction business needs to start equipment maintenance tracking right away. Without it, you’re missing out on a lot of opportunities to mitigate risks and optimise your operations.

Let’s take a closer look into what construction equipment maintenance tracking will do for your business.


What is Equipment Maintenance Tracking?

First things first, when we talk about equipment maintenance tracking, what do we mean? Equipment maintenance tracking is the process of scheduling, recording and monitoring the maintenance requirements of your tools, machinery and equipment.

Construction equipment maintenance software is the tool used to manage your maintenance schedule, and the best solutions offer equipment tagging, tracking and management functionality as standard in an all singing all dancing package.


construction equipment maintenance tracking


Here are our top 3 reasons why your construction business needs to implement equipment maintenance tracking


1. To Improve the Health and Lifespan of your Tools and Equipment

A well-maintained asset will serve you better over the longer-term. One of the more significant benefits of using equipment maintenance tracking is to ensure your assets useable lifetime is as long as possible. In order to achieve this asset health must be optimised.

So, in practice, how does the itemit equipment management software help you achieve this?

  • Maintenance schedule logging and notifications – A system of reminders in your asset management software lets you see when assets require maintenance and to plan future workloads accordingly. This can be planned maintenance, reactive maintenance or routine inspections such as PAT testing your electrical equipment
  • Reporting and monitoring equipment faults  – When a piece of equipment requires fixing, you can rapidly report the issue against the unique piece of equipment so that your Engineers know exactly which asset requires attention. In addition, you can monitor the incoming issues live and see in real-time which assets still require fixing. The faster your assets are fixed and usable, the quicker they can get back to helping you make money.

This gives you full transparency over what is required and gives you full control over your asset maintenance.

Check out these videos to see how itemit is helping businesses just like yours to take back control of their equipment management.

2. To View Complete Audit Trails for Each Piece of Equipment

When an asset is sent for repair, it is much easier to fix the asset if you have access to its historical records. Has it encountered this problem before? Is it reaching the end of its usable life? itemit ensures you have access to this historical information by keeping a record of all the changes your assets go through. This allows you to make better, business-centric decisions. Knowing maintenance history in full shows you what has gone wrong with an asset and when, and how it was fixed.

This history shows you when an asset is no longer economical to repair, if it has had many bouts of maintenance. The ability to run reports with equipment maintenance tracking allows you to buy new assets only when it is required, saving you money and optimising your time. 


3. To Minimise Asset Downtime

Assets can have maintenance schedules booked in advance to ensure that the whole team has transparency on when an asset will be unavailable. In itemit it’s as simple as booking an item for the required period and checking it out once it’s taken for maintenance. Of course, you can also use this functionality to reserve assets required for particular jobs. This guarantees that you and your team will have the assets they need, when they need them.

Having reminders, issues, and check in check out functionality provides you with complete control over your equipment maintenance tracking. 

Overall, this will save you a lot of time and optimise the rate your workforce can fulfil their duties at because everyone knows which assets are available for use and can use them effectively.

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