How IoT has Altered the Trajectory of Construction Equipment Tracking Forever

IoT has changed construction equipment tracking irrevocably. 

If you’re new to the world of the Internet of Things (IoT), read more on the origin of the internet of things here. But back to the subject in hand, IoT and asset tracking are two concepts that walk a very fine line alongside each other, so close in fact that sometimes they appear to have merged entirely.

Spreadsheets used to be the default solution to managing and tracking construction tools and equipment. Now, in the 2020s, IoT has completely altered this trajectory. Forget the days of outdated spreadsheets, and heaven forbid you’re still using an Access Database. Welcome to the world of IoT, intelligent assets and increased automation.

Let’s take a look at how IoT has revolutionised construction equipment tracking. We’ll cover tracking technologies such as GPS tracking, QR codes and more as well as looking at how IoT automation increases our control over not just where our tools and equipment are but also their maintenance, status and availability.


Creating a cloud-based, digital asset register of construction equipment

One thing that has and always will be needed is an accurate fixed asset register, detailing all tools, equipment and machinery owned by the business. This is the starting block that allows for intelligent management and tracking of construction assets.

The ability to log and consolidate data all in one place is essential. Digital twins have been an emerging element of IoT. To learn more about how BIM and digital twins are changing construction equipment tracking, check out our article here.

A fixed asset register gives you this consolidated data record and supersedes a spreadsheet. One of the greatest benefits of automated, digital asset registers is the ability for them to be updated in real-time. This allows multiple people to contribute data in real-time and from anywhere in the world. As a result, you have a single source of truth which safely records all critical asset information – everything from user manuals to serial numbers.


IoT and Smart Construction Equipment Tracking


Lose Fewer Assets with Modern Day Construction Equipment Tracking

The advent of IoT brings with it a plethora of tracking technologies – all designed to allow for varying levels of intelligent asset tracking. When an asset is tracked using the right technology, you reduce the chance of it being lost or stolen.

For example, QR code asset tags create an audit trail of location and usage, as they can be scanned whenever a tool or piece of equipment moves from one site to another. Whereas, GPS asset tracking reduces the number of thefts and unauthorised asset use even further by automating the reporting of its location with no need for manual intervention.

There are many more tagging technologies available in the modern IoT world. The best asset tracking software lets you use a combination of technologies to ensure each unique asset has the tag that allows for optimal tracking.


IoT Enabled Equipment Maintenance Tracking

Asset health is also something your IoT asset tracking solution has covered. While the above helps you see which assets you own and where they are, equipment maintenance tracking ensures you can also see which pieces of equipment require attention and which need replacing.

The ability to use construction equipment maintenance tracking to set reminders for routine maintenance allows you to schedule downtime effectively. You’ll also be able to use a bespoke issues management system to track and manage issues with equipment. What this means is any issue can be reported and rectified in minimal time.

managing issues with IT asset management software

Ultimately, this keeps your assets healthy and working at an effective and automated rate.


Bespoke Reporting Features

Bringing this all together, IoT allows you to create and manage bespoke reports which will, in turn, inform your business decisions.

Much like other construction equipment tracking features, this too is automated. This means that you’ll be able to run an audit on which assets are in which location, and how long they’ve been there. This audit can be run between any periods.

Reporting is where all the data provided by your cloud-based software and tracking technologies become useful to your construction business. 

IoT has altered construction equipment tracking by creating an easier way to save money on-the-go while also creating a higher ROI with more effective asset usage.

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