The Benefits Of Heavy Equipment Maintenance Software

Heavy equipment goes through a lot on a daily basis. Weathering, work, and asset movements all contribute to your equipment’s condition. When heavy equipment breaks down, therefore, it can be a disaster and put your operations on hold.

Ensuring that your heavy equipment is well maintained is essential. You need to know what the status of your equipment is, where it is, and if it’s up to the task when it comes to delivering projects. This is where heavy equipment maintenance software comes in.

Heavy equipment maintenance software shows you everything you need to know about your assets in an easily editable, viewable, and manageable system.


What Is Heavy Equipment Maintenance Software?

Heavy equipment maintenance software is a place where you can log, track, and manage your equipment. Each bit of equipment will get a digital copy where you’ll be able to log maintenance information as well as the movements and usage data relating to an asset.

There will be an app linking to a web portal, and these two systems will interact with each other. Therefore, if you make a change onsite with your asset tracking app, this change will be reflected on the web portal.

You can then link your physical equipment to its digital profile using asset tags. Then, every time you scan the tag in your asset tracking app, the asset’s profile will open, ready for edits, and the last seen location will also update. 

For heavy equipment, you’ll be able to use metal QR code asset tags that can go through more wear and tear and weathering.


How You Can Use Heavy Equipment Maintenance Software

As each of your assets will get digital profiles, you’ll be able to add essential information to your assets online, ready to be viewed and retrieved in an instant.

So, if an asset has an issue, you’ll be able to scan the asset’s tag and report the issue. Your maintenance team will then get an email and will be able to view what the issue is and where the asset was when the issue was reported.

You can also set reminders for routine maintenance. Overall, this reduces asset downtime and allows you to get on with your daily operations with the peace of mind that your heavy equipment is working properly.

When an asset is due for downtime, you’ll also be able to book this asset out, indicating to your team that this asset is unavailable for use. Therefore, you can also use your heavy equipment maintenance software as check in check out software.

The Overall Benefits Of Asset Tracking Software

Your heavy equipment maintenance software will be an asset tracking software. This means that you can scale the usage to other assets, too. Your software can therefore handle fixed asset management, IT asset management, and other forms of construction equipment tracking.

Overall, having a robust and accurate asset register ensures that everything is accounted for, exists in your business, and is usable for insurance and tax purposes.

Also, thanks to effective location tracking features (including GPS tracking!) you’ll be able to lose fewer assets with your asset tracking software, giving you a tangible ROI.

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