Using Asset Tracking With GPS Monitoring Systems

Using GPS monitoring systems in your asset tracking procedures is hugely beneficial as you’ll be provided with more transparency, control, and automation when it comes to your assets. GPS asset tracking simplifies your operations and keeps them easy to view and manage.

The benefits are wide-ranging and clear. For example, you’ll be able to reduce theft and asset loss. With other asset tracking means, retrieval will be more difficult should an asset go missing. With GPS asset tracking, however, you’ll be able to view where assets are after they’ve left your site.

Also, it’s much simpler to verify that assets are in the correct location with GPS monitoring. While auditing is simplified by QR code asset management, GPS trackers make the process entirely automatic.


GPS tracking


How Does GPS Asset Tracking Work?

GPS asset tracking is the discipline of using GPS trackers to monitor asset locations and, therefore, verify the status of your assets.

The way it works is by using GPS trackers and asset tracking functionality. Asset tracking is the discipline of creating unique, online asset profiles so that you can add data to your assets and maintain them digitally.

Then, you’ll be able to link these digital asset profiles to your physical assets through the use of physical tags, such as GPS trackers. The way this works is by showing you online where the physical asset is.

Therefore, you use GPS trackers to see where your assets are at a given moment. The trackers themselves will update periodically, letting your asset tracking system know where your tools and equipment are.


tracking fixed assets


The Benefits of GPS Trackers

The benefits of using GPS trackers are instantly clear. You’ll be able to see where your assets are and verify that they’re where they should be. 

You’ll also be able to view the location history of your assets, meaning you’ll be able to view where all of your assets have been. This information can tell you where journeys can be optimised, saving you costs for petrol.

Also, you’ll be able to use geofencing to receive an alert when an asset leaves a location that it’s supposed to be in.

Overall, you gain more transparency over how your assets move and where everything is with GPS asset tracking.


Coupling GPS Asset Tracking With Other Asset Tags

The benefit of itemit is that you’ll be able to use multiple means of asset tracking and tagging at once, mixing and matching your asset tracking systems.

So, you’ll be able to use GPS trackers for your larger assets and assets that move around a lot, but you’ll also be able to save time with QR code asset management.

QR code asset tags can save you a lot of time by allowing you to retrieve asset profiles with a simple scan, meaning you’ll be able to edit your asset data in an instant.

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