How Fixed Asset Management Software Saves You Money

Fixed asset management software saves your business money by saving you time and giving you more control over your operations. You’ll be able to keep all of your fixed assets in a neat and up-to-date register.

With fixed asset tracking, your operations are speedy and simplified, allowing you to spend more time on the things that are most important to your business.


lose fewer assets with fixed asset management software


Lose Fewer Fixed Assets

The immediate benefit is that you’ll lose fewer fixed assets. This doesn’t just mean physical asset loss, but also means a loss in tracking and accountability.

There are a few ways you can lose a fixed asset. If your fixed assets move around a lot, robust tracking is necessary to ensure they arrive at their destination and to ensure that retrieval is possible if needed.

However, you can also lose track of fixed assets if their lifecycles aren’t effectively maintained. Ghost assets are assets that are still on your fixed asset register, but can’t be physically accounted for, where zombie assets are assets that can be physically accounted for, but aren’t on your fixed asset register.

Implementing fixed asset tagging mitigates the risk of ghost and zombie assets as your assets will be physically tagged and digitally linked to your fixed asset register.

Tagging and Tracking with QR Code Asset Tags

Gain More Transparency Over Fixed Asset Operations

Using fixed asset tracking operations such as fixed asset tagging also gives you more control over your daily and long-term operations. Knowing that your assets exist and are accounted for in a digital fixed asset register allows you to add more data and information.

As each of your fixed assets will have a digital asset profile, you’ll be able to add crucial information, such as depreciation data and asset finances, such as purchase price and insurance details.

Not only this, but fixed asset management software also gives you a greater ability to add information through fixed asset tracking functionality. So, you’ll be able to add maintenance information, as well as location data and booking information.

This way, you’ll get more functionality than a spreadsheet can possibly provide, allowing you to keep operational costs low and transparent.

Export Your Fixed Asset Register

All of this data comes together in your fixed asset register. Using fixed asset management software means that your fixed asset register will be updated in real-time after any changes to an asset.

This way, every time you maintain or update an asset, the change will be reflected on your fixed asset register. This keeps your operations simple and transparent, allowing you to make better business-focused decisions.

Your fixed asset register is then exportable, with images and all the other data you’ve collected. Having this full fixed asset register is essential to your operations as you’ll be able to use it for insurance, financial, and acquisitional purposes.

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