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QR Asset Tags

Vinyl QR Asset Tags

23mm Square

Matt finish, vinyl stickers with permanent adhesive. Lightweight and versatile for use on almost anything.



Anodised Aluminium QR Tags

25mm Square

Aluminium tags with strong 3M adhesive. Robust, most suited to assets in harsh environments or stored outside.


Aluminium QR Asset Tags

15mm Square

Aluminium tags with strong 3M adhesive. Robust, most suited to assets in harsh environments or stored outside.


Prices exclude VAT and postage where applicable*

Custom Tags

Want to add your own logo and branding to the QR tags? No problem, we can have those created for you! Just pop us an email here and we’d be happy to send you a quote.

Passive RFID Tags



Ideal for scanning without line-of-sight and at greater distances. Requires RFID reader to scan tags.


Prices exclude VAT and postage where applicable*

Why should I buy Asset tags?

Tagging your assets makes it obvious which are yours and gives you a way to scan an asset and find out more information.

Quick and Easy

Instantly scan an asset to find out more information about it. Track assets individually so you know which ones are faulty and who they are assigned to. 

Public Profiles

itemit QR tags also offer an exclusive service for you!

Every asset with an itemit tag has its own public profile. If you enable these profiles, your assets can be scanned by anybody so they can give you useful information, like reporting an asset or letting you know they have found your lost piece of equipment.

How to Use Asset Tags

A quick scan and you’ll have all the information you need.

 QR Tags

QR asset tags can be used on pretty much any asset. itemit tags are durable and waterproof. Simply tag your asset using the itemit app and start tracking your assets immediately.

Every time you and your colleagues scan an asset, itemit records the current location of your asset. You can even see who has the asset and when!

RFID Labels

RFID offers more automation than QR tagging. With QRs all you need is a phone to scan the tag but with RFID you will need an RFID reader.

Passive RFID labels can be discreetly attached to your assets without being unsightly, which makes them perfect for high value items. As RFID can be read without line-of-sight, they’re also great for assets that move around within, for example, a hospital setting. RFID readers record when an asset is detected.


NGOs and Charities

IT Asset Management

Film Production

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