Asset Tracking Software: Helping Leprechauns Track Their Pots of Gold

Asset Tracking Software: Helping Leprechauns Track Their Pots of Gold

St Patrick’s day has become a celebration of Irish culture, most known for involving a whole load of all things green from four-leaf clovers to, of course, Ireland’s very own mythical being: the leprechaun. 

Burrowed deep in underground caves often with hidden entrances or within the hollow trunk of a tree leprechauns find a place to call home, away from human life so they can dance around all day and admire their hoards of gold! 

Known as shoemakers by trade and gold hoarders by night, it’s a very busy life being a leprechaun with a lot to manage! But just how do they keep track of their shoemaking equipment and, even more importantly, how do they know where they’ve hidden their gold? Well, rumour has it, it’s pretty simple – they use an asset tracking software called itemit!

But what exactly is itemit and how do Leprechauns use it, you may ask? This blog will reveal all on how itemit is a leprechaun’s very own lucky charm!

Asset Tracking St Patricks Day

What Is Asset Tracking Software?

Asset Tracking Software is a useful tool for businesses and organisations to have better control over their assets. The software enables you to view an asset register, assets’ locations, monitor who is responsible for assets, export reports and add in important asset information alongside many other capabilities. Its main aim is to prevent losses from assets, whether that be financially or time-wise while also improving the overall operations of your business.

How Does A Leprechaun Track Their Tools and Much Loved Gold?

Leprechauns discovered an asset tracking software that would mean they never lose a pot of gold again while also enabling their shoemaking equipment to have a longer lifespan through regular maintenance. It’s been the ultimate tool to manage their valued items. Let’s see their most loved asset tracking features!

Labelling A Leprechaun’s Treasures

Whilst leprechauns stash away tonnes of gold every year and have multiple tools to work with, they soon realised they needed a solution that would enable them to uniquely identify each item they own. To do so it was really important they use QR tags. 

itemit’s QR tags are sticky labels that can be applied to any asset to give it a unique identity. The QR tags are then assigned to an item’s profile and can be scanned using the itemit app. Every time an asset is scanned, the item’s profile will open, displaying any important information you have previously inputted about the asset. 

The real benefit here meant visibility over the leprechaun’s assets were enhanced, making day to day tasks less of a worry. There was no longer a need to count the amount of gold in each pot, this could be identified from a quick scan to show the data that had already been inputted on the asset profiles, which in this case was the quantity of gold enclosed. Managing gold never felt so easy, all from the help of QR tagging!

Locating The End Of The Rainbow

As mentioned above, QR tags are a real benefit for identification, but that’s not all… Every time an asset’s QR tag is scanned, it updates the last seen location of an item using GPS. How cool is that? So each time a leprechaun hides his gold he will be able to check its last seen location, with a helpful map displaying the pinned GPS! As we know it’s more than likely hidden at the end of a rainbow.. but just which rainbow could it be or maybe he was feeling mischievous and wanted to hide it someplace new!

If you know a specific location an item should be in, the alternative to ‘last seen’, is itemit’s location feature! This enables users to assign items to set locations and use location hierarchies. Typically helpful for leprechauns with all of their tools to identify if they should be in the workshop, within a tool bag or even in their sheds! Leprechauns tend to be forgetful, so a little location guidance goes a long way in helping run their shoemaking business! 

itemit’s QR tags and location feature ensures the ability to never have to search for an asset again saving both time and money!

Asset Tracking gold

Remembering Tool Maintenance

Going back to shoemaking and those forgetful leprechauns. Quite obviously shoemaking entails the use of many tools, from tack hammers and leather shears, to sewing machines and sole pressers. But as we all know any type of machinery or even tools will require regular maintenance to keep them fully functioning for as long as possible without impacting daily operations.  

The biggest task of all is remembering to schedule maintenance. Without doing so, machinery may break and tools may have a lessened life span. Therefore resulting in major cost implications, health and safety risks and even reduced productivity to any business!

That’s why leprechauns take advantage of itemit’s forgetful-proof reminders feature! Reminders enable users to schedule specific dates for maintenance per each asset. You can create a reminder, with a chosen date and using the free text fields, label the reminder with what it may be for, for example, a PAT test or a yearly service. Every reminder will send email notifications to the relevant user. Never miss an important date again and watch your equipment last its full lifetime! 

itemit The Lucky Charm For Your Business

If leprechauns can use itemit then why don’t you? It’s user friendly, accessible wherever and whenever, cloud-based and is the ultimate tool for managing your assets!

itemit’s features hold many benefits including increased accountability, reduced maintenance expenses, streamlined auditing, extended life of assets and so much more! So look no further for your very own pot of gold and dive straight into the wonderful world of itemit! 

If you’d like to find out more and how itemit can help you manage your most valued assets then email the team today at Alternatively, you can start your 14-day free trial today by filling out the form below.

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