Asset Tracking Software: Best Use Cases

Asset Tracking Software: Best Use Cases

To date, fixed asset registers remain some of the most popular and common implementations of asset tracking. However, the benefits of asset tracking software are not just limited to this. In recent times, many businesses have managed to integrate asset tracking software into their organisations innovatively. 

In this blog, we’ll be discussing some of the most popular implementations of asset management software

Though all of the listed use cases may not be directly applicable to your business, it is highly likely that a certain use case may catch your eye. BY taking inspiration, you’ll be well equipped to take the gist of the idea and implement it as suited to your business.

Asset Management

Asset Tracking Software: Different Use Cases

IT Asset Tracking

For IT-intensive businesses, using asset tracking software should be a no-brainer. The sheer amount of expensive assets held by an IT company requires extensive tracking and managing.

As your routine tasks will involve keeping track of many different assets, employing asset tracking software can make your life a breeze.

Using itemit’s asset tracking software, you can assign unique profiles to each of your IT assets. For instance, you can create an asset profile for a laptop, storing its purchase price, current assignee, warranty information, and so forth.

Similarly, by using itemit’s IT asset tracking software you can locate your IT assets at the drop of a hat. What’s more, by using itemit, you can keep a track of the location of your assets.

Rest assured, because the locations of your assets are updated in real-time whenever an asset’s tag is scanned. Say goodbye to asset misplacement and hello to accountability!

Construction Equipment Tracking

Tracking tools and equipment is a must-have for construction businesses. Add in the fact that construction businesses often operate at different sites simultaneously and you have at your hands quite the daunting task of managing all these assets.

As such, it’s no wonder that asset tracking is such a fundamental process in the construction businesses. Using construction equipment tracking allows you to track all your assets, ensuring that everything is streamlined. By using itemit’s asset tracking software, workers can instantly locate the tools and equipment using a smartphone. All they have to do is search the asset on itemit’s software, and they’ll immediately know its last seen location, reducing the time taken to locate different tools and equipment.

Vehicle Tracking

With itemit’s asset tracking software, you can also keep a check on your organisation’s vehicles. By attaching a QR code to the vehicle’s dashboard, you take advantage of QR code asset management. Doing so will speed up and improve asset discovery.

Similarly, asset tracking software can allow you to seamlessly use GPS tracking. place a GPS asset tags vehicle’s cigarette lighter, and lo and behold, you have at your disposal, an always-on GPS tracking device. GPS tags can instantly update you with the location of your vehicles, and thus it comes as no surprise that accountability is spurred on.

Medical Equipment Tracking

COVID has thrown a wrench into the works of normal hospital operations. With an ever-increasing burden on existing healthcare systems, it is more crucial than ever to streamline and eliminate any possible delays within the workflow. 

itemit’s medical equipment tracking is a brilliant solution to the current problem. By utilising itemit’s medical equipment asset tracking software, your staff can easily track important medical devices.

Moreover, by tagging your assets with a QR code sticker you can assign each asset a unique code. This will allow you to track assets location in real-time. Last but not least, each time a tag is scanned, the itemit automatically updates the asset’s last seen location.

Horticulture Asset Management

Horticulture is all about tagging. Be it seedlings or young plants, each and every plant has to be individually tagged. Even huge trees need to be tagged to identify their species, cultivar and date of plantation. 

Forget about manually writing and recording difficult names. Using itemit’s asset tracking software, you can easily track all the intricate details of the plants hassle-free. All you need to do is simply allocate each plant its asset tag, record its name and other details. If you want to, you can even take a picture of the plant to visually record its growth over time!

Container Tracking

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a supplier or a buyer when you’re sending or receiving containers- when it comes to tracking them, itemit’s asset tracking software can make all your troubles disappear into thin air. 

By taking advantage of asset tags, you can tag containers with asset labels, which can then be scanned and marked as “in transit” as soon as you send them. Likewise, when the receiver gets the container, they can scan it again and mark it as “received”. Using itemit, both the sender and the receiver can collaborate on itemit’s online platform or app to make sure no container goes untracked.

itemit: Making Asset Tracking Hassle-Free

itemit comes with a plethora of powerful features. Asset tracking, report generation, creating maintenance schedules, you name it- itemit has it all

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