A Quick Guide To Computer Inventory Management

A Quick Guide To Computer Inventory Management

Every business needs to save time and money. These days, most businesses use computers to help them to do just this. As a result, computers are considered to be hugely important to most businesses. This, in turn, means that we need to take care of our computers. We can do this by harnessing the power of computer inventory management. 

But what exactly is computer inventory management and how can you make it work for your business? Read on for more information.

What Is Computer Inventory Management?

Managing your computer inventory is easier than you think. The process revolves around you using software to help you to keep track of all of your computers and associated equipment. Using software to help you manage your inventory is much easier and more reliable than using spreadsheets. In addition to this, most inventory management software comes with a lot of very useful features.
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What Are The Benefits Of Having A Computer Inventory?

There are many benefits to having a computer inventory. In fact, there are so many that they could take up too much space on this page. As a result, we have simply chosen to mention some of the best benefits. 
  • You can track your assets – Being able to see where all of your computer assets are is incredibly useful. If assets are used in multiple locations it makes sense to track them. You can do this by attaching a barcode or a QR code to your assets. 
  • Your assets will be in better condition – Most computer inventory management software allows you to set maintenance schedules and reminders. When an alert appears, the maintenance team can action the alert and maintain and repair the asset in question. 
  • It’s possible to see who is using what – The check in and check out feature ensures that you can see whether the right member of your team has the right laptop, for example. This feature can also help with security as your team will be aware that you know which computer, tablet, phone, or laptop they are using. 
  • Assets can be organised into collections – When assets are organised into collections, it makes it easier to find an asset should you need to. For example, you could add the assets located in the admin department to one collection. When you need to check the maintenance status of the assets in that department, you can simply press a button. You will then be shown every asset that the admin team uses and you can check the status.
  • You can eliminate ghost assets – As all assets can be traced and maintained, it’s possible to eliminate ghost assets. This is because every single asset will be accounted for. There can be fewer to no assets left on a shelf for 6 months waiting to be repaired.
  • Exportable reports are easy to create – Thanks to the way that computer inventory management works, you can create reports and export them. Every time that an asset is used, data is created. It’s this data that can be added to a report for you to read. As a result, you could have a clearer understanding of how your business is running.  
  • Fewer assets are likely to be stolen or lost – Every asset can have a barcode or a QR code attached. This ensures that they can be tracked all day every day. Stolen or lost assets can become a thing of the past as it’s clear each asset is tracked at all times. 

As you can see, there are more than a few benefits to using inventory management software. It’s no wonder that many businesses all over the globe use software such as this to help them.

How You Can Save Your Business Money

Computer inventory management software can save your business money as there will be fewer ghost assets. What this means is that you may no longer need to spend as much money replacing assets that have been lost or stolen. 

Your business can also save even more money as every asset is likely to be in much better condition. Assets can be maintained regularly thanks to the maintenance schedules. They can also be repaired when an issue arises. As long as the maintenance team is alerted to an issue such as a broken laptop screen, for example, they can deal with the issue. As a result, less money will need to be spent replacing assets that are no longer used because they don’t work. The issue can be dealt with and the laptop can be used once more. 

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