5 of The Biggest Benefits to Asset Tracking Software

5 of The Biggest Benefits to Asset Tracking Software

Businesses can potentially lose hundreds if not thousands of pounds worth of assets every year. Whether the asset loss is deliberate (theft) or accidental (it has been misplaced), the fact remains that loss prevention is key. 

Asset Tracking Software can help immensely. Software such as this can ensure that businesses everywhere monitor every asset, ensuring that loss is eliminated. Tracking software has many other benefits, some of the biggest include:

Asset Tracking: Why Now Is The Best Time To Invest In Asset Tracking Software

1. Reducing Costs

Asset Tracking Software has the ability to reduce costs. Information such as the maintenance schedule and the state of repair can be added to the menus. This allows users to monitor the assets ensuring that they are less likely to be in urgent need of repair. Regular maintenance schedules can help users to keep all of their assets in good working order. When assets are maintained frequently, fewer repairs may need to be undertaken. 

Additionally, notes can also be left by the last individual to use the asset. Notes such as these can mention the asset’s condition. Should a repair be required, users can send it to the maintenance team. When repairs are undertaken as required, assets may no longer need to be discarded and replaced quite as often.

2. Providing Accurate Tracking Data

It is possible to track every asset constantly. Users will know where every asset is 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. Providing accurate tracking data ensures that should an asset be removed from the premises, locating it is possible. Thanks to itemit’s easy-to-use interface, assets can quickly and easily be tracked. Not only does this increase the level of security, it also ensures that the right people have the right equipment. 

Many businesses have multiple sites or multiple locations on one site. This can make it hard to find the right equipment or machinery when it is required. When RFID tags or QR codes are added to the assets, it is possible to track them all day, every day.

3. Offering Better Resource Allocation

Asset Tracking Software can help with resource allocation. Ensuring that every employee has the tools they need to undertake their work is essential. 

For example, if Employee A needs assets 1 and 2, managers can check the location of assets 1 and 2. If the assets are with Employee A, it means Employee A has the equipment they need for the job. 

If Employee A only has asset 1, managers know that they will need to be sent asset 2 so the job can be completed. Knowing that you can allocate your tools easily can bring peace of mind. Additionally, correct allocation can save time. 

Finally, a business that knows how many tools or how much equipment it has, can choose to purchase more if it is required. Tracking software has the ability to help businesses understand just how many assets they have. This can ensure better informed decisions are made about the purchase of additional assets.

4. Increasing Productivity

When Asset Tracking Software is used correctly, it can increase productivity. Every asset will be tagged with either an RFID or a QR code. This allows assets to be scanned as they are being used. Assets can be checked in or out, and movements can be logged automatically. Employees will no longer be required to fill out forms to state when they have taken an asset and why. Simply scanning the RFID or QR code will automatically log the asset with the employee. Management can see who has the asset and when it was checked out. The asset’s historical use will also be seen.

Productivity will also be increased due to users knowing exactly where all assets are. Should an employee wish to use a particular asset, they won’t need to waste time searching for it. itemit’s location software will automatically show where the asset is at all times.

5. Monitoring Inventory Levels

The monitoring of inventory levels is possible using Asset Tracking Software. Users can automatically see how large or small the inventory levels are. This ensures that those who order goods always do so at the right time and have full visibility over what stock may be needed or when stock levels are low.

Not only does this system ensure users have enough stock at all times, it also eliminates the possibility of over ordering. Warehouses will no longer contain too much stock, ensuring the first batch of stock in is the first batch out.

itemit’s Asset Tracking Software

itemit’s Asset Tracking Software can help you to take full control of all of your assets. Monitoring all of your assets can be hugely beneficial.  Contact us at team@itemit.com if you have any queries about tracking your assets. Alternatively, you can sign up for a no-obligation 14-day Free Trial to find out how well our tracking software works.

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