5 Features of itemit’s Asset Management System

5 Features of itemit’s Asset Management System

itemit offers users a complete Asset Management system that allows businesses everywhere to successfully manage their assets. While the management system is well-known for helping businesses to locate their equipment, it can do so much more. 

itemit’s Asset Management system is very flexible, offering users more options than perhaps they realised. Below, you can find 5 features of our incredibly useful management system.

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It Can Track the Location of Tools and Equipment

Users are able to track the location of their tools and equipment no matter where they are. When a QR code is attached, locating tools and equipment is simple. Each time the QR code is scanned the asset profile will pop up and also its last seen location will be updated using GPS. This is a great tool for being able to see where the piece of equipment was last seen and who by. 

This feature ensures that users can locate their assets when they need to. Additionally, this feature helps to reduce the likelihood of ghost assets. When ghost assets are few and far between, businesses can potentially save money. This ensures that the money can be diverted to departments that need extra funding.

The System Helps to Create an Accurate Asset Register

Another highly useful feature is the asset register that users can create. This register allows users to have complete knowledge of every piece of equipment and tool in the business’s possession. Regardless of what type of business you have, itemit can help. 

When businesses have an accurate asset register, they clearly see how well the business is performing. Additionally, they can see which assets are in high demand, and which assets are barely used. It’s this information that can help users to make better informed procurement decisions. 

Coupled with itemit’s tracking capabilities, the asset register helps users to see where their assets are. This information can prove to be hugely beneficial.

It Can Manage Inspection and Maintenance Schedules

After time, most tools and equipment will need to be inspected and maintained. Using itemit allows business owners to understand which assets need to be inspected and/or maintained. The reminders feature allows users to have much more control over every asset. Additionally, it means that assets are much more likely to be taken care of. This, in itself, helps to lower the cost of repairs and reduces the need for replacements. 

Using reminders, it is possible to see which assets are in need of maintenance. When reminders such as these are set, they ensure each asset is looked after. Assets that are regularly maintained are less likely to fail. The reminders feature works by providing email notifications when maintence and other important dates are due, you’ll never forget a date again with this handy feature!

The System Tracks Asset Depreciation and Life Cycles

Thanks to the way that it works, itemit’s Asset Management system can track asset depreciation and life cycles. Users can understand the value of each of their assets and the asset’s life cycle. This feature can aid greatly in terms of understanding when replacements may need to be purchased.

If an asset does not need to be replaced immediately, users can set aside funds for when the time comes. This means that users can purchase the replacements when they’re required, rather than having to look for a source of funding.

Assets that have depreciated in value may need to be replaced if they don’t perform as well as they once did. Machinery, for example, could be discarded or sold and a replacement could be purchased. Alternatively, when a business has depreciated assets, knowing the combined value of all of these assets can prove helpful. Users can understand how much their business is worth and how the business is performing. With this information, users can make better decisions about which direction the business should be taken in. 

It Has iOS and Android Apps, and a Web Portal

Many of itemit’s users make use of the Asset Management system by logging into the web portal. Other users choose to opt for an iOS or Android app. Some users are happy to log into the web portal and occasionally an app.

itemit’s Asset Management system is very flexible, allowing users to access it when they need to. Users can access the system when they’re sitting at their desks or via their phones on a construction site. The system can be accessed while they’re on the train to work, or sitting at home on their computer. 

As long as users have access to the internet, they can log into itemit as and when they please thanks to it being cloud-based no information goes astray whether you’ve added it by the app or web. 

Use itemit’s Asset Management System Today

Use itemit’s Asset Management system today to help your business grow. The above 5 features offer a glimpse of what itemit can do for your business. Contact our friendly team today for more information about how well our Asset Management system can work for you. Contact us at team@itemit.com. Alternatively, you may wish to sign up for our Free 14-day Trial to find out just how well itemit can work for you. 

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